Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Weekly Updates: Riythvika, Janani, Vijayalakshmi And Aishwarya Enter Final round

DungCNT |Oct 01, 2018

After competitive rounds, Riythvika, Janani, Vijayalakshmi and Aishwarya will enter the final round.

The Bigg Boss Tamil season 2: Riythvika, Janani, Vijayalakshmi and Aishwarya are the finalists to continue in the final round

The Bigg Boss Tamil reality show season 2 is coming to the hot period.  After competitive rounds, Riythvika, Janani, Vijayalakshmi and Aishwarya, who will enter the final round, are enjoying the last week in the house without worrying about the scores or competition rounds. Also, the arrival of eliminated competitors reminds the four finalists of unforgettable memories during the shooting. However, the Yashika’s absence is quite palpable.

Aishwarya Dutta in Bigg Boss Tamil 2. Image via Hotstar
Aishwarya in Bigg Boss reality show

Yashika’s eviction becomes a controversial issue on social media

After the eviction of Yashika, a lot of opinions about this issue flooded on the internet or networking sites. TV viewers or fans of this reality show claims that there was no justice for Yashika while Aishwarya safely entered the final round. In the day after her ejection, the house was filled with disbelief. Kajal Pasupathy, a former contestant of the Bigg Boss Tamil, showed her upset about Yashika's eviction. She expressed that voting didn’t make any sense since the show would be the final to decide the result of the show.

Image result for Kaajal Pasupathi in bigg boss tamil
Kajal Pasupath, a former contestant, also expressed her opinions towards Yashika's eviction

The arrival of Vaishnavi and Ramya

The contestants signed on each other’s T-shirts from the Bigg Boss show and wrote down the best wishes for their friends. A video clip with moments worth remembering, conflicts or funny moments were recorded and shown for all the contestants. Vaishnavi and Ramya came to the house. The reality show asked the contestants to share their initial feelings about others and how they felt, how their perspectives actually changed after a long period working together in the show’s journey. Vaishnavi told that at first she didn’t think that Riythvika would survive until the final round due to her indifferent nature. However, she changed her mind when Riythvika fought toughly without giving up. Obeying the rules was her Bible.  Ramya shared that the way Vijayalakshmi reflects herself really impressed her. Her strategies to come up with the problems was admirable.

Nithya’s regrets

The following day after Nithya’s entrance, Aishwarya was invited to a secret room to meet Shariq. Always concerning about the fame, what made Aishwarya curious was how many men following her outside. Nithya joked many uncles were following Aishwarya and they had formed armed for her. The housemates gathered in the eating room after watching each competitor’s adventure. They shared with each other about the difficulties they had met. Factors that had influences on them or what they wanted to change were mentioned. Aishwarya regretted that she had deceived Sendrayan to withdraw from the Hitler task. She was annoyed when nobody supported Balaji and more contestants did nothing at all when they saw Aishwarya threw the garbage can on him. She wished that she hadn’t affected the house atmosphere because of her conflicts with Balaji.

Aishwarya’s backstabbing hurt Shariq

The former contestant showed his disappointment because of Aishwarya’s backbiting hidden by a warm welcome. Nobody but she who backstabbed competitors at the show including Shariq. It was Yashika who stood up and not her. After that, she even burst into tears when he was kicked out although she talked back about him so much. She tried to justify this but he didn’t want to hear out and went away. Amazing wishes from contestants and family ended the day. As soon as Nithya and Shariq had to leave and say goodbye to everyone, they signed the T-shirts.

Roleplay part

Yashika and Balaji occasionally visited the house. The show set up a stage for roleplay time of contestants in the house. Their responsibility was to perform the issues they were experiencing and had to deal with during the time they lived together from the beginning of the show until now. The inmates decided to perform the problem between Mumtaz and Sendrayan when the later was required to perform a song to have the allowance to use the bathroom first, the problem happened when Aishwarya threw the dustbin on Balaji in the Hilter task and the “war” between Janani and Mumtaz as Janani didn’t let Mumtaz do the cup of tea for herself. Also, they add humourous factors to their performance.


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