Tamil Actress Yashika Commits Suicide By Self-Hanging Possibly Due To Relationship Failure

Advika Hue |Feb 16, 2019

Yashika, a Tamil actress, has committed suicide in her house and the police are looking for her boyfriend.


Yashika is a Tamil film actress who is recognised for her supporting roles in several films. She was found dead in her house in Chennai a few days ago. It is reported that she committed suicide by hanging herself because of the failure in her relationship. She also mentioned this in the messages she left for her mom through WhatsApp.

Yashika, whose real name is Mary Sheela Jebarani, came from Tiruppur. She has played a supporting part in Tamil film Mannar Vagaiyara, which also starred Vimal. Yashika has also appeared in several popular TV series. It is reported that while living in a hostel in Vadapazhani, Yashika became friends with Mohan Babu, who was working at a mobile phone service centre at the time. They later fell in love and has been in a relationship for four months until now. The couple rented an apartment in GKM Colony Peravallur and moved in together.

According to some reliable sources, three days ago, the couple seemed to have a severe argument due to some differences of opinion. Mohan Babu later left his girlfriend to return to his own house. Yashika was left alone and decided to end her life. She was dead when the police came, and they moved her body to the hospital to begin the autopsy after they had taken possession of it.

The police found out that the actress sent some messages to her mom before she committed suicide.

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The police registered a case against Mohan Babu soon after and are now searching for him. They also claimed that they are waiting for the result of the post-mortem examination and will reveal the actual reasons for Yashika’s death after going through the reports and questioning her boyfriend.


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