Is Rambha’s Suicide Attempt Linked To Three Men? Here The Truth

Author |Sep 25, 2018

It's no secret that the ravishing Rambha was one of the most popular and successful stars in the Telugu film industry in the 1990s. She enjoyed a strong fan following thanks to her good looks,...

Rambha is a successful star who gained a lot of public attention. She enjoyed her popularity all over the world, especially in the industry of Telugu film during the 1990s. With a great number of fans, she is loved for her brilliant personality, the bold nature, her attractive looks, as well as the enduring charm on the big screen. Rambha had glory days when she cooperated with some superstars in the industry. Her association with these big stars significantly helped consolidate her position in the film industry. All made her more and more well-liked and popular in the Bollywood world.

However, Rambha got into a trouble with the rumors of her suicide attempt in 2008. Throughout this scandal, she was surrounded by tons of attention from the press and the public. Anyone, not except her would be stressful in this situation. She also suffered from a lot of rumors about her attempting suicide. Hence, she had a speech with DNA to talk about this issue. Several months after that, she broadcasted a clarification.

Rambha About Her Suicide Attempt

Rambha’s Explanation for Her Suicide Attempt

When being asked about this rumor of suicide attempt, Rambha revealed that she had no intention to attempt her suicide. Moreover, she also said that this incident happened due to a falling of the pulse rate. There was a sudden drop in her pulse rate, which made her be hospitalized. She added that her dropped pulse rate was a result of a “quick breakfast” that the hotel she lived offered.

Her Exact Words

What Rambha Exactly Said?

The Lakshmi puja took place in her home. Then, she had to be fast throughout the whole day. It had become her family’s tradition for a long time. Despite being busy for the all previous day, she still had a schedule to shoot for the next day. Hence, she had no choice but to have a quick breakfast at a hotel. According to her, the quick breakfast led her in this situation in which she felt uncomfortable and uneasy. Consequently, all she could do is to start to throw up.

Because of the food poisoning, she had to stay in the hospital for doctors to observed her conditions. Maybe the fact that she was at the hospital created some impish spreading rumors that she attempted suicide with the hidden motives.

Rambha On Being Linked To Three Men

Is Rambha’s Suicide Attempt Associated With Three Men?

After disclosing her pulse rate drop, the Hitler actress continued to say that some kinds of media even connected her suicide attempt with three actors. This unexpected rumor had made her felt extremely embarrassed. She then had to send her sincere apology to these three involved stars.

She Said...

She Went On Revealing…

Rambha denied the rumor. Although she didn’t have any suicide attempt, she was reported to attempt suicide. Rambha said that the authority asked her brother to tell her to admit the falling of her pulse rate. However, in the next day, she got news about attempting to suicide. In fact, she did not intend to do that. The rumor even linked three actors with her suicide attempt. After that, she had to give each of them a call and send the deepest sorry to them.

Rambha About Her Early Struggles

Rambha’s Initial Struggles

Her interview also opened up some facts about the early days when she set her first steps into the industry by releasing an intrepid statement. She expressed how struggle she had to deal with in her initial years. She had to transfer to the South. This would help her flee from the roles of “prostitute type” roles.

To say more about this, Rambha admitted that she could not do anything better than run away from Mumbai. If she did not move to the South, “prostitute type” roles might probably keep coming to her.

'Didn't Want Prostitute Type Roles'

Say No To Prostitute Type Roles

She carried on sharing that prostitute type roles seemed become trendy. Rambha sadly said almost all of the roles that she was offered involved being a prostitute. She did not want to act in these roles. That’s why she moved to the South.

She Has Moved On

Rambha Has Recovered

After the “suicide attempt” rumor and several undesired failures behind her, she is now spend all her time with some personal obligations and commitments. Currently, she is living peacefully in Canada. She enjoys her life so much and lives her life to the utmost. Lately, there have been some photos of her baby shower that go viral on the social media. These photos had shaken the internet community.


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