TV Actress Nilani Nila Attempts Suicide because of her troubles

Author |Sep 20, 2018

News about a a stunning and disturbing development, TV performer Nilani Nila has purportedly tried to submit suicide by drinking poison...

Nilani Nila's attempted suicide

News about a stunning and disturbing development, TV performer Nilani Nila has purportedly tried to submit suicide. As indicated by a report conveyed by Indiaglitz, the woman tried to make the suicide by drinking toxic substance.

But right after that, she has been spotted by her well-wishers. Thus, they immediately surged her to a private hospital in Chennai. At present, she's receiving treatment and is under observation. Nilani has been in the news during the last few days for various reasons.

Tv Actress Nilani Nila Attempts Suicide Because Of

The hidden reason?

Last Sunday, she complained about the Mylapore police, saying that Gandhi Lalitkumar, an assistant film director, was harassing her to marry him.

"I got acquainted with Gandhi Lalithkumar three years back, and we turned out to be great companions following a couple of long periods of conversing with one another. After sometime, he presented me an engagement proposal, to which I didn't concur. I was a single parent and I thought if this marriage would affect the lives of my kids. In any case, I kept getting love recommendations from different other people, and that is the point at which I felt, on the off chance that I married Gandhi, at least a little measure of anchored feeling could be there. I gave it a thought, however didn't let him know. Afterward, I discovered that Gandhi was a womanizer, who isn't any longer with his relatives," she was cited as saying by Behindwoods.

Tv Actress Nilani Nila Attempts Suicide Because Of

According to her, Lalitkumar was a 'psycho' and would often beat her.

A few days ago, Lalitkumar proposed to Nilani, but she rejected his proposal for marriage, he committed suicide after that. The next day, she filed a complaint with the Police Commissioner’s office, saying that the media for character assassination saying that she was the reason for the suicide of Lalitkumar. She is in depression ever since because of the trolling on social media networks and media coverage.

Her earlier troubles with the police

Earlier this year, after making some comments against the police for the Tuticorin firing accident, the police took her under custody. She was also in the news for a controversial video where she was sporting khaki uniform for a show's shoot.

Tv Actress Nilani Nila Attempts Suicide Because Of

Nilani, who has a role in a TV series as an assistant commissioner, was in a viral video urging people to protest against the police. Because she was wearing a khaki uniform, many people think that she was an officer.

Nilani made her debut a few years back in Tamil via the serial " Mahabharatham" together with Amit Bhargav. At the moment, she is acting in a bad shoulder role in a serial named "Sivagami".


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