Married Tamil Actor Was Hacked To Death For Having An Affair With Man's Wife

Hanima Anand |Nov 17, 2020

The unfortunate actor was hit brutally by a group of men in Chennai. Police have identified some of the offenders thanks to CCTV footage at the place.

According to reports, Tamil television actor named Selvarathinam got a call on Sunday. After that, he told his flatmate that he went out to meet some friends and left the house. He didn’t give further details about the people he would hang out with though.

Tamil Actor Selvarathinam
Tamil TV serial actor Selvarathinam was survived by his wife and children.


Some hours later on the same day, his roommate received the news that Selvarathinam had been hacked to death on Anna Nedumpathai. The initial report suggested a group of unidentified men had planned and conducted the evil act. It's not until the local police launched their investigation that the major assailant was detected.

Selvarathinam, the Tamil actor playing the antagonist role in Thenmozhi BA, was living with his assistant director friend Mani when the incident took place. It’s also Mani who informed the police of the attack.

Chennai Police On Duty
Police officers quickly identified the assailant thanks to the CCTV footage.

After the local police looked out for the CCTV footage in the region, they could identify at least one of the assailants. They also found that the actor and this group of men had involved in a brief argument before he was killed.

It turned out Selvarathinam was alleged to have an affair with the identified assailant’s wife. His name is Vijaykumar. After realizing he was cheated on by his own wife and the married Tamil actor, Vijaykumar had planned to murder Selvarathinam. He also asked his gang friends to help with the killing.

The police are still investigating the case. Selvarathinam’s family including his wife and children remained silent on the matter. will update more information involved if have.

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