Husband Has Extramarital Sex With 182 People, Actress-Model Has To Apologize To The Public

Salena Harshini |Jun 19, 2020

The most beautiful Japanese actress has to apologize to the netizens after her husband had an affair with 182 people. The list of partners include people of various ages and sexes.

Japanese buzz has been in a frenzy in the last weeks due to the infidelity scandal of comedian Ken Watabe. His wife, the top beautiful fashion model of Japan Nozomi Sasaki, has apologized after the report of him having affairs with 182 people broke out.

She noted on her Instagram, “At this time, I would like to apologize for the unconscionable behavior of my husband. As a couple, I would like to have a heart-to-heart discussion about this issue.”

Ken Watabe
They who were called "beauty and the beast" used to be among the most adored couple of the industry

The details of 47-year-old Watabe were specified in the journal Shukan Bunshun.

For those who haven’t known, you can see people cheating with one to three people but with this man, the number reaches a flabbergasting 182.

The comedian hooked up with hot actresses and even those who are not entertainers. The list of Ken Watabe’s partners includes those who are at the age of 20-50, working in various jobs. Ken Watabe's affairs extended from the moment he got married to Nozomi Sasaki way until he is exposed by the media.

There is even a source that said Ken Watabe was abusive to his wife, but at present, this information has not been verified.

Ken Watabe
Ken Watabe, who cheated on his wife with nearly 200 people

According to Japanese journals, the number of 182 people Ken Watabe has been in adultery with include porn stars and even male entertainers in the industry.

In an article that lists the age and jobs of the partners, there is a barely-20-year-old sexy actress, an over-30 woman who runs a barbecue restaurant, a 20-year-old beauty salon owner, a 40-year-old masseuse, a 50-year-old wrestler, a celebrity who is 30+ years old…

The number of related characters is too large with the age and occupation varies has made the entire Japanese showbiz shook. According to trivia, Ken Watabe’s affairs take place at many spots such as parking lot basement, elevators, toilets, even in cars, ...

According to reports, three Jbiz stars have been exposed to engage in this outlining of infidelity with Ken Watabe. They are Eri TakigawaEririka Katagiri, and Nao Jinguji. Three of them are different in age and aura, but what they have in common is that they are all JAV (Japanese Adult Video) actors.

Porn stars who were partners of Watabe: Nao Jinguji, Eririka Katagiri, Eri Takigawa in order from left to right

Earlier, when the case broke down, a woman out of the Japanese entertainment industry who had an affair with Ken Watabe revealed details of the illicit relationship between the two in an interview. She shocked the whole netizen community when sharing that they had sex twice a week. Even when Ken and beauty Nozomi Sasaki got married, she and the comedian kept their relationship under the curtains and didn't break up.

She added that they had sex 30 times in total and the usual place for their secret date was Roppongi Hill in Minato-ku (Tokyo). Specifically, they often did it in a toilet in the parking lot. The woman said that he only treated her as a sex doll while she only even hoped that he saw her as a woman.

The comedian is getting backlashes for his shocking infidelity

Ken Watabe and Nozomi Sasaki got hitched in 2017. She gave birth to their son in September of the year after.

After the scandal went to the surface, he waited for his wife to solve the media crisis for him while also receiving phone calls from his hundred of partners.

Take a look at beautiful pictures of Nozomi Sasaki, the top beauty of Japan who got cheated on for nearly 200 times:


Nozomi 1

Nozomi 2

Nozomi 3

Nozomi 4

Nozomi 5
Nozomi Sasaki is called the most beautiful woman in Japan

Watabe is a member of the Japanese comedy duo Unjash. On 9 June, he made an announcement that he was delaying his appearances on eight TV programs. For his breaking scandal, he apologized via his agency.

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