Sultan Of Brunei's Playboy Son Who Was Friend With Scarlett Johansson & Michael Jackson Died At 38

Hanima Anand |Oct 27, 2020

The famous Playboy son of Sultan of Brunei breathed his last at 38 after years of combatting illness. He used to be known for throwing lavish parties with superstars in Hollywood.

Prince Azim was reported to pass away at 10 a.m last Saturday at his residence in Bandar Seri Begawan. He is the sixth child of Sultan of Brunei who is famous for his 5,000 car collection and a 1,700-room palace. Prince Azim stood number four when it comes to succeeding his father’s throne. Unfortunately, he couldn’t hold it longer after an enduring battle with illness.

Prince Azim Death 1
Prince Azim used to pay Mariah Carey $1.4m for her performance.

During his life, Prince Azim was often featured in headlines for throwing lavish parties with superstars all over the world. He had a close connection with Michael Jackson, Pamela Anderson, and Janet Jackson. He was also seen hanging out with one of the highest-paid actresses in the world Scarlett Johansson.

Prince Azim Death 2
He was no stranger to the extravagant lifestyle of Hollywood.

At the time of his death, Prince Azim’s net worth is estimated at $5 billion, equivalent to 36, 963 crore of Indian rupees. This could be understood as his father, Sultan of Brunei is among the richest emperors in the world at present.

Prince Azim Death 3
He frequently hung out with Hollywood ladies.

Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah got married thrice but he divorced his two later wives. Prince Azim was the oldest son of Sultan of Brunei with his second wife, Hajah Mariam. In 2019, the net worth of Hassanal was around $20 billion.

Prince Azim Death 4
Scarlett Johansson is also a good friend of Prince Azim.

Though the exact cause of Prince Azim’s death was not announced, local media stated that he had battled with an uninformed illness for a long time. The entire nation would mourn his death in 7 days while all celebrations were banned during this week. His funeral followed the Islamic traditions with the attendance of all his family members.

Prince Azim Death 5
Even Michael Jackson considered him a close acquaintance.

Prince Azim, besides being known as a son of Sultan of Brunei, is a reputed Hollywood producer. He wasn’t hesitant to show off his playboy lifestyle along with utmost luxury parties. He was also popular among Hollywood celebrities for his generosity.

Prince Azim Death 6
The Playboy prince had various superstars at his birthday party every year.

Aware of his wealth, Prince Azim wanted to share it with others. He used to gift each guest in his party a bag worth Rs 192 lakh. Sometimes, the present expands to a safari holiday in Kenya, a satellite navigation system, or an original classic oil painting.

Prince Azim Death 7
He was buried following Islamic traditions.

A lucky friend of Prince Azim, TV star Jade Goody was even gifted a diamond ring worth 288 lakh of rupees as a ‘token of friendship.’ Jade described him as a ‘brilliant mate’ and ‘my prince charming.’

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