Sunny Leone In Response To Accusation Of Her Painting Plagiarism On The Internet

Ankita Chetana |Oct 29, 2019

Everyone can see that Sunny Leone’s latest painting is quite alike another one that she headed to be blamed to plagiarise. Read for more details!

Actress Sunny Leone has received more love with her talents and warm heart. The philanthropist has done a variety of charity work, especially for a cancer organization. On October 3rd, she posted her artwork on Instagram and opened an auction to raise money for cancer. However, the actress went under many criticisms for plagiarizing the painting.

An anonymous account named Diet Sabya on Instagram shared the original artwork to compare with Sunny’s one. The user captioned:


The post also pointed out the owner of the original work and also directly tagged Sunny:


Later when the verdicts started to aim the spear towards the actress, she took to the comment section under the post to explain. She wrote:

sunny leone comment

The mother of the original artwork also commented and directed to Sunny Leone to say that:

Malika Favre comment

We still need an additional explanation from the actress about the issue as we all support for her charity work. But plagiarism in art has been always criticized, we also don’t a copied artwork to be shown without credit for a noble cause.

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