Seema Raja's Movie has been Leaked Online On The First Day Of Its Release

Author |Sep 14, 2018

The charming Sivakarthikeyan is one among the most important and most well-liked names within the Tamil screenland these days.

The charming Sivakarthikeyan is a famous name in Tamil industry nowaday. He has many extremely successful films in his career and lots of fans. But today, there is some shocking news for everyone. Specifically, his film Seema Raja has been Leaked Online.

Seema Raja Leaked Online!

Film has been leaked online!

He really would be kind of out of luck when his film Seema Raja has been released on the web. Many prirated versions of his film operative on lots of websites. Moreover, it can be shared.

Will The Business Be Affected?

Will The revenue Be influenced?

Seema Raja took Sivakarthikeyan a high budget. So that, the revenue is going to be influenced when the movie has been leaked online.

About Seema Raja

What's Seema Raja?

As you know, Seema Raja is directed by Ponram and a new project of Sivakarthikeyan. In addition, Samantha Akkineni also plays major role. Seema Raja released on September 13 and got a great start on the day 1 opening.

Are The Anti-piracy Measures Strong Enough?

The menace of piracy

This problem make President Vishal worried a lot even though he has taken some steps to prevent the issue. There are some websites have been disallowed but the threat still exists.

The Bottom-line

The expectation

As you know, piracy is a big problem and it has been plaguing Kollywood for quite some time now. For example, Rajinikanth's Kaala also was released online and make the shock to the producers. Like Kollywood, Bollywood has also worried because of the piracy. Finally, we promise this problem will be solve earliest so that everyone doesn't suffer because of this.


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