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Hanima Anand |Sep 29, 2020

The 2018 sports drama by Arunraja Kamaraj is the most successful cricket movie in Tamil cinema. The movie not only inspires female cricketers to pursue their dreams but also represent farmers’ rights in India.

Kanaa is written and directed by Arunraja Kamaraj under the production of Sivakarthikeyan. Not just a cricket movie in Tamil, Kanaa is an inspiring story for every daughter of Indian farmers. Besides Kanaa movie download for free below, we will also go through the movie plot and review from critics.

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Kanaa is not just about cricket but also love and life.

Kanaa movie plot

Opening with the scene of the 2007 Cricket World Cup, the veteran actor Sathyaraj plays the role of a farmer named Murugesan watching the historic match with his daughter Kowsi (Aishwarya Rajesh). Witnessing the Indian team defeated by Sri Lanka, Murugesan gets his heart broken but tries to refrain from bursting into tears in front of Kowsi. However, the man couldn’t hold it and cries the entire night that day.

Kowsi, the 11-year-old girl, then decides to take up cricket with the aim of winning the world cup for her father one day. Time passes by and the 14-year-old daughter has now joined local cricket games in T-shirts and trousers regardless of villagers’ criticism.

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Like any other female cricketers, Kowsi had to put aside others' criticism to achieve her goals.

Thanks to her hard work and full support from the father, Kowsi is chosen for the Indian female cricket team. She is appointed to the national cricket academy for further training. However, Kowsi encounters a number of difficulties here when she can’t speak Hindi. At that time, Murugesan is also facing financial crisis at their hometown.

Things get better when the team has a new coach (Sivakarthikeyan) who knows how to unlock the potential for each member, including Kowsi. Realizing her bowling abilities, he decides to keep Kowsi as a surprise element in the semifinals.

The day Indian women cricket team competes with the strongest team Australia in the semifinal is also when Murugesan’s house is taken by the bank for not being able to pay the debt. The news quickly came to Kowsi, making her feel bad for not staying with her father. How does this affect her spirit and will the Indian team make it to the final?

Let’s spare those answers for Kanaa movie download isaimini that you will get below. If you have more time, take a look at the Kanaa movie review by critics and audience as well. Otherwise, you can find the link to download Kanaa movie for free after the trailer.

Kanaa movie download in Tamil

The Kanaa full movie download in Tamil lasts for 145 minutes. The movie was released in December 2018 and also the directorial debut of Arunraja Kamaraj. The film has a remake in Telugu with Aishwarya and Sivakarthikeyan playing their respective roles.

When it comes to Kanaa movie review, most magazines and film critics spend good words to describe the Tamil sports film. Times of India generously scores Kanaa 3.5 out of 5 stars, referring it as a “crowd-pleasing sports movie” that not only inspires the audience with a female cricketer’s life story but also integrates meaningful messages about farmers’ issues.

Aishwarya Rajesh, the lead role, is praised for her excellent acting in the movie. Aishwarya won the Best Actress award from Zee Cine Awards Tamil as well as the Best Actress voted by Critics from the 66th Filmfare Awards for South Indian cinema. Her co-star Sathyaraj also won the Best Supporting Actor in the event.

Kanaa Movie Download 3
The smoking hot Aishwarya plays a crucial role in making Kanaa movie download a Tamil blockbuster.

Meanwhile, Arunraja Kamaraj won the Best Debut Director from Zee. This paves the way for the talented director to have more quality cinematic projects in his career later on.

Among different criteria, Kanaa movie download gains the highest score in terms of its dialogues. To balance between the sports topic and other social issues, Arunraja Kamaraj has selected dialogues very carefully for each character. Other aspects such as direction, screenplay, and visual effects also gain encouraging marks from movie critics.

However, if you are looking forward to something fun, Kanaa movie download in tamilrockers might not be in your to-watch list.

All in all, Kanaa movie download movierulz is a worth-watching sports drama for Tamil cinema fans. Should you want more cricket inspired films in other languages, please check the Top 15 Cricketers Movies by Bollywood, collected by Starbiz.com.

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