Nayanthara gracefully embraces roles with shades of grey.

VanPTT |Sep 16, 2018

Sep 16, 2018

Nayanthara  - Beautiful girl roles in shades of grey characters. That sounds interesting, right? This year is a wondering year for this lady when she can enter in two horror film - which is her favourite type of drama. You can not also see her on the scene with lovely and romantic character but also an action role with a strong ambitious and mystery story in the past behind. Will you still love her with her bloody hands and her revenge?

Nayanthara is dreaming about the famous career when she enters the box office field. This year, she is finally on top with two hits by the name Imaikkaa Nodigal and Kolamavu Kokila, this is absolutely the greatest part of her life. She is not only careful in the choice of the script but also has a talent in every role that she's nailed it with grace. Both Pavalakkodi in Dora and Kokila in Kolamavu Kokila are so unique that everybody says Nayanthara can explore the grey arena like no other mainstream heroine. This process is breaking the limitation that the actress can do on-screen. That will make a break in her career and let her become a bright star in Bollywood sky.

Nayanthara in Dora. Image via Twitter
Nayanthara in Dora. Image via Twitter

Doss Ramaswamy - The director of Film called Dora has some comment about Nayanthara that she doesn't like the normal roles. She tends to be interested in something with adventurous and horror elements.


Actually, before entering this project, Ramaswamy had another horror script that she had just finished. She is reluctant to continue to participate in a similar role like her recent one in Maya -  a horror film. But when I explained her part as Nayanthara in Dora, how emotional this film will be with the death of a young girl was helping by her dead dog’s spirit, she was in love with the project.

Nayanthara in Kolamavu Kokila. Image via Twitter
Nayanthara in Kolamavu Kokila. Image via Twitter

Director Gopi Nainar of Aramm complaint Nayanthara because of the risk of changing the character line that she dares to do. Gopi said in a project they work together:


The Nelson's film begins with a very difficult situation of the poor girl - Kolamavu Kokila, her mother is seriously ill. She decided to trade drugs to be able to exchange for her mother's life. The process of transformation of a girl from naive to dangerous is expressed subtle and has profound implications. Therefore, people love and admire the weak girl, always scared before death, but dare to stand up to destroy those who blocked her way. A simple girl is not useless. The story is also the way to conquer the heart of a woman's man. "I really like the view and action of this character "- said Nelson

Nayanthara in Imaikka Nodigal. Image via Twitter
Nayanthara in Imaikka Nodigal. Image via Twitter

Another movie named Imaikka Nodigal with the role of a CB-CID officer that Nayanthara featured in, she shows the other characters. Each scene with the violent action in the past of this protagonist. Then she returned to a heroine with revenge angle. Revenge always make people feel extremely excited and looking forward. That is how the movie interesting with all audiences.  - Director Ajay Gnanamuthu told.

Last but not least, Nayanthara is right now shooting for unrevealed horror project right now with the famous director Sarjun. You can guest how brave she is that she will end up playing another grey character. "It may be an emotional horror drama." It has a scary factor but most of it is still melting so I'm looking forward to this role in the movie.

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