Bollywood Celebs Freely Share About Their Parents’ Split In Public

Ankita Chetana |Nov 21, 2019

From Shahid Kapoor to Sara Ali Khan, these are some Bollywood celebs who opened up about their parents’ divorce. Deeds inside!

Whether celebrities or normal people can see the family split a hard thing to accept and share. But these Bollywood celebs have shown up that they faced their parents’ divorce better than we thought. Though netizens might have talked about such stories in many ways, they have never minded sharing about them.

Sara Ali Khan

At a very young age, Sara has proved that she is mature from words to behaviors. Experiencing her parents’ divorce, the actress didn’t dump it and in reverse, she accepted it graciously. Considering Kareena Kapoor as a friend and sharing her care for her little chitty Taimur, she has expressed the way she treated her family.

Sara Ali Khan With Her Parent

Sara is absolutely one of the best-spoken Bollywood celebs when she just entered the glam world a few years ago. She shared: “It is not nice to live in a home where people are not happy. They are both, happy, bindaas and cool people, but individually. Together, they are not. And I think they too realized that. Fortunately, now I have two happy and secure homes to myself instead of one.”

Sara Ali Khan Taimur

She continued: “I was more than okay with that arrangement. I think having two happy parents in different homes is much more preferable than two unhappy parents in the same home. I think I am the way that I am because my mother didn’t let me feel any kind of deprivation for even a second. I have a very hands-on mother. Once my brother and I were born, she did nothing but look after us.”

Malaika Arora

Bollywood celebs: Malaika Arora And Her Parents

Since Malaika was eleven, her parents filed a divorce but years over years, they still poured their love to her and her sister. That’s why the actress, as well as Amrita, never experience the discomfort after their parents’ decision.

Ishaan Khatter

Ishaan Khatter And His Parents

Sharing about his parents’ split, Ishaan said: “I was very young when my parents separated, and later, my mother remarried. For six years, I stayed with my stepfather (Ustad Raza Ali Khan) and my mother. Then, they separated and I saw her go through two broken marriages and her struggle to keep things together.”

Arjun Kapoor

Bollywood celebs: Arjun Family

The actor came to open up about his parents’ decision of divorce: “I am sure I must have gone through anger, angst, vulnerability but I understood eventually. You have to make your peace with it. You can’t make that one decision that your father makes, dictate how you turn out as a human being. It can be a part of your journey but it can’t be the only thing – because my father did this, all my decisions will be based on it.

That’s not how life functions. And he’s been there for me in his capacity. Thankfully, my mother brought me up well enough to make my own choices and decisions in life… My mother never poisoned me against what he has done.”

Shahid Kapoor

Like what his brother Ishaan Khatter did experience, the Kabir Singh actor also went through his parents’ split. For the star, it is just one of the hardest things that life threw at him that he now doesn’t look forward to a good thing anymore.

Shahid Kapoor With His Parents

Shahid Kapoor pointed out: “Life threw a lot at me very early in life. My parents got separated. I came to a new city. I had to learn to accept and make the most of it and that’s probably what’s made me the person I am today. I don’t expect any good or bad from life.”

These above Bollywood actors certainly suffered a lot after their parents’ divorce. However, they chose to face it and grow themselves instead of hiding from it. That’s the point of their present success!


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