Updates On Anushka Malhotra Child Artist Now: Images, Age, Instagram & Many More

Bhavna Acharya |Nov 02, 2020

During the heyday, Anushka Malhotra child artist didn’t talk too much about her personal life, especially her past relationships. However, she seems to get married now!

18 years old is widely considered an important milestone of a person as it’s when most of us officially enter adulthood and take charge of our career. However, don’t need to wait until that age, many celebrity kids have already made a lucrative income at a very tender age. Yes, they were born to be a star who enjoys the limelight and great fame sooner than many other people. Daddy movie star Anushka Malhotra child artist is a case in point.

Anushka Malhotra Child Artist Ft
Anushka Malhotra then and now picture

Succeeded at an early age, Anushka, however, chose to leave the entertainment industry very soon either. She wanted to explore her new career opportunities rather than the acting one. Ever since she vanished from showbiz, Anushka wants to keep her life lowkey and that makes everyone extremely curious about her current life. Here are the latest updates about the nation’s much love child actress Anushka Malhotra.

Anushka Malhotra Child Artist 2
Anushka Malhotra is no longer in the entertainment world

Acting career brief of Anushka Malhotra child artist

In the year 2001, she made her acting debut with the Telugu drama Daddy which was helmed by Sursh Krissna. Right in her first film, she had a golden chance to work with superstar Chiranjeevi. However, her performance also stunned one and all. Everyone was entirely impressed with the natural acting skill of this girl and her cute images in the film.

Anushka Malhotra Child Artist 3
She was one of the most loved child artists in the film industry back then

Starting off with a bang, she was then offered the lead role in the film Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai in 2002. The two films old celebrity kid could earn much more fame from the fame industry but she decided to leave the showbiz.

Updates about her current life

Anushka Malhotra child artist completed her schooling from ICSE – Lilavatibai Poddar High School and enrolled at the Mithibai College. As soon as she stopped her acting career she did her higher studies. She was then accepted to the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, major in Amity Business School.

Anushka Malhotra Child Artist 4
She has settled down now

She is currently living in Birmingham, England AND her age is around more than 30 years old now. The former actress seems to end all her connections with the film industry.

Anushka is available on social media but she keeps her accounts extremely private. According to her Instagram account which appears as “malhotraanushka”, she is an engineer now even though she got a bachelor's degree in business.

Anushka Malhotra Child Artist
Anushka keeps her social media appearance extremely private

During the heyday, Anushka Malhotra child artist didn’t talk too much about her personal life, especially her past relationships. There is no information about her wedding but she seems to get married already to a man whose family name is Gulati.

She is now living a normal life with her husband and her children (maybe) and stays away from the media.

Anushka Malhotra child artist completely disappears from the entertainment world but we believe that everyone is eager to see her comeback one day.

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