The Karate Kid Star Jaden Smith Transformation: From An International Heartthrob To Rebellious Rascal Who Comes Out As Gay

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 16, 2021

The karate kid is no longer little and cute as you remember. Jaden Smith is all grown up into a rebellious and controversial rapper who came out as gay!

Gaining the public eye as the son of Hollywood superstar Will Smith, Jaden Smith sneaked into the cinema world with his first role in his father’s classic The Pursuit of Happiness which won several awards including the Grammy in 2006. Four years later, the little star kid won the audience’s heart again for playing the leading role opposite Jakie Chan in the art drama film The Karate Kid (2010).

Jaden Smith in The Karate Kid
Jaden Smith stole the world's heart for his stellar performance in The Karate Kid (2010)

Jaden Smith career

The Karate Kid is no doubt the biggest grosser of Jaden Smith up to the moment. The movie hit incredible success worldwide and he was praised for his stellar performance as well as natural acting skill. The talented star kid then went the extra mile by featuring in one of Justin Bieber’s songs Never Say Never which turned out to be a hit. He started to go on tour with the Canadian singer and worked stunts in other Hollywood films.

Jaden Smith Justin Bieber
Jaden Smith went on tour with pop star Justin Bieber

Jaden Smith rebellious transformation

Despite his success and potential career path in Hollywood, Jaden Smith left people shocked with his rebellious transformation. In fact, after the massive success of his movie The Karate Kid and music video Never Say Never in 2010, the elder son of Will Smith didn’t hit any notable achievement up to this moment. Things were more difficult after voice breaking and other films of him didn’t come over the triumph of The Karate Kid. 

Jaden Smith transformation
Jaden Smith's rebellious and controversial transformation

The Karate Kid you know is no longer little and cute. He is all grown up into a 21-year-old rebellious and controversial youngster. At the moment, Jaden Smith is focussing on his career as a rapper but most of his songs are a flop in comparison to the reputation he had got. 

Jaden Smith in music video
He was seen in a still from his music video Icon which collected 100M after more than 2 years

Jaden Smith relationship with Tyler

When it comes to relationships, Jaden Smith is no shy away from revealing his sexual orientation and confirms that he is in a same-sex relationship with another rapper Tyler. After Tyler bagged his first Grammy award earlier this month, the 21-year-old star kid took it to his social media that his 'boyfriend' won a Grammy. His tweet took the internet by storm.

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Jaden Smith Tyler Relationship
Jaden Smith made it official that he is another American rapper Tyler

It’s a bit shocking to see how our beloved Karate Boy grew into. It seems like the overwhelming fame gave Jaden both advantage and pressure as he was still struggling to get over it as a grown-up. Hoping that he will find a way to carve his own niche in the profession he is pursuing.

About Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith was born in 1998 in California to the famous Hollywood actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Jaden Smith studied at New Village Leadership Academy before his parents decide to homeschool the star kid.

Being the son of world-famous celebrities, Jaden Smith shared he was isolated from having a normal childhood as other friends, which might lead to his rebellious transformation later.

Jaden Smith Family
Jaden Smith has a half-brother and a younger sister.

Having said that, Jaden Smith said he considered his father Will Smith an inspiration. He shared that:

"I look at him and use it as a blueprint of how good of a person he is, but not necessarily the success that he reached."

Raised as an independent person since he was a child, Jaden Smith moved out of his parents' home in 2017. He also had lots of controversial statements that go against others' beliefs.

Jaden Smith On Instagram
Jaden Smith craves for recognition of his own talent instead of being a star kid.

Smith believes in extraterrestrial life and is an active advocate of conspiracy theories. He also once advised young people to drop out of traditional school.

Even when he announced he was in a relationship with Tyler, the latter denied the claim, causing much controversy around their personal life.

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