Karthik N Keerthi Reddy’s Love Story Is Just As Normal As Ours But What We Regret The Most Is Reddy’s Beauty

Leela Adwani |Oct 18, 2020

Even though Keerthi Reddy vanishes from the film industry, fans are still curious about her current life. Here are the latest updates about her.

Beautiful Keerthi Reddy is an apple in the eyes of many Indian audiences from the 90s even though she appeared in very few films then. After the breakup with her ex-husband, the actress moved on and married a doctor named Karthik N. Even though she vanishes from the film industry and keeps mum on her personal life, fans are still curious about Karthik N Keerthi Reddy.

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Everything you need to know about the current life of Keerthi Reddy

Keerthi Reddy biography

Born on 21 January 1977, Keerthi is known to be a former film actress who acted mostly in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada movies. Her most notable work includes Arjun (2004), Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat (2001), and Tholi Prema (1998).

Keerthi Reddy Young
She used to be a sweetheart of millions of fans

Her mother is an interior and fashion designer while her grandfather is Keshpally Ganga Reddy who is a former member of Parliament from Nizamabad. She spent most of her childhood in Bengaluru and completed her schooling in the Valley School located in Kanakapura, Bengaluru. However, she pursued her higher education at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.

At the age of 19, Keerthi Reddy entered the film industry with a comedy thriller titled Gunshot starring the veteran actor Ali. Only after two years, she started gaining massive fame post the success of her second film Tholi Prema in the year 1998. Sharing the screen space with Pawan Kalyan, the film which soon became a blockbuster marked a life-changing milestone in the acting career of Keerthi Reddy.

Karthik N Keerthi Reddy
She was touted as a beauty icon of the film industry in the 2000s

After making it big in the South Indian film industry, she entered Bollywood with the film Tera Jadoo Chal Gayaa with Abhishek Bachchan in 2000. Since then she had become a sought-after face of many filmmakers when continuously shared the screen spaces with several Bollywood heartthrobs.

In 2004, the actress played a role in the Telugu-language movie Arjun. For which she got her first and only award – Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award in Telugu.

Keerthi Reddy husband


Before meeting Karthik N Keerthi Reddy once got married to Sumanth when reaching the pinnacle of her career. Her then-husband is an actor and producer in the Telugu film industry in 2004. Sumanth hails a film background as his family members are big names in the industry. However, this marriage didn’t last long as, after only two years, the couple decided to call it quits.

She first got married to an actor but soon divorced after 2 years

They wanted to go on their own way and pursued their career of choice without disturbing one another. After the breakup with her first husband, Keerthi Reddy almost left the film industry. She then married Karthik N who was already settled in the USA. For her second marriage, she wants to keep it as private as possible when quitting the showbiz and got married to a man who doesn’t come from the entertainment world.

In an interview, Sumanth revealed that he is still in contact with his ex-wife. He said,

“Though we got separated, we still make calls to each other, and Keerthi’s family and her husband respect me a lot and maintain a cordial relationship with me.”

Karthik N

The love story of Karthik N Keerthi Reddy is very normal. Her husband is just a common man with a stable income and a steady job. He isn’t exposed to the limelight and keeps everything private. The actress decided to officially end her journey with the film industry and quit the acting career after her second marriage to become a dedicated homemaker, a caring wife, and a doting mom of two children.

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Her shocking decision to leave the film industry stunned a lot of people

Recent pictures of Keerthi Reddy

She is now taking care of her small family and living a peaceful life with no drama from the tinsel town. That’s why there is little information about her current life as she is out of the showbiz and doesn’t attend many public or film-related functions.

Since then she hasn't frequently attended any public events

However, the most recent report about Keerthi Reddy when she was present at the wedding of her brother. Especially, it marked the cordial with her former husband Sumanth. Unlike the public’s speculation, the ex-couple seems to maintain a healthy relationship with each other. Obviously, what between the ex-lovers cannot affect the romance of Karthik N Keerthi Reddy.

When the pictures of Keerthi Reddy were surfaced online, many expressed their happiness to see their go-to actress on the Internet once again. However, some also showed their disappointment with the beauty of the actress who was used to be touted as a beauty icon of the film industry.

879206 Keerthireddy Sumanth2
Her beauty at the age of 43 makes many people disappointed

She looked much simpler and didn’t put on bold makeup as well as a sophisticated gown when attending a star-studded wedding.

Karthik N Keerthi Reddy have a normal love story like many other couples but it’s literally inspiring.

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