After "Kabir Singh", Shahid Kapoor Gets Anxious When He Goes To Awards Events

Aesha |Oct 23, 2019

After the success of "Kabir Singh", Shahid Kapoor has been having a great time with his family. The actor also shared more about his life recently in an interview.

Shahid Kapoor is one of Bollywood's top-notched stars and to achieve what he has today, his career has certainly gone through lots of ups and downs. His latest successful flick Kabir Singh carved his name a niche of superstardom and the actor is grabbing every chance it creates.

Shahid Kapoor

Since the commercial success of the film, Shahid has not been on any shooting site for a movie till now and it has gone round that he has signed on for Jersey, a Telugu movie reboot. In the mid of all this, he talked about his break after the wrap of Kabir Singh, saying that he is having more quality time with his wife Mira Rajput along with their children Zain and Misha.

In a Hindustan Times interview, Shahid Kapoor unveiled that he feels happy to be home after such a long period and that he gets a buzz from spending time with his family.

Shahid Family

For the past few months, Shahid and Mira have been spotted hanging out on dates and also planning birthday parties for their little babies. Shahid shared that while it feels amazing having quality time with his wife and kids, he turns out to be anxious when he goes to awards events.

To what he said, it was wonderful setting aside some time for his dear family. However, after that point, he just aspired to come to the sets. He got nervous even when he went to an award as he hasn’t faced a camera for a long time. In some ways, that does make him feel awkward.


Also in the talk, the A-list star also opened up to having had a fun time on his bike trip to the land of Switzerland.

Mira and Shahid have got a humble house which they will have upholstered soon. In the recent conversation, he revealed they wouldn’t plan to move before a year as the work needs time to get done.


Workwise, Shahid Kapoor will reportedly be part of Jersey, Hindu version. Reports are rife that Shahid will begin filming for the film in November this year.

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