Selena Gomez Finds Incredibly Sexy In Zayn Malik Song. What's The Song? 

Rose Advani |Dec 27, 2019

Selena Gomez has shared the Zayn Malik's song that made her addicted and finds incredibly sexy. What's the song?

Selena Gomez has revealed a sexy song that has made her addicted recently in Radio 1's Superstar Playlist. It’s one of Zayn Malik's song that Selena finds sexy and being her favorite song. So, what's the song?

Selena Gomez

The sexy song is Rumour, a great collaboration of One Direction bandmate, Zayn Malik and the 26-year-old singer Sabrina Claudio. Selena admitted that she has been so addicted to Rumour and put on it much time of her leisure.

She said:

"There’s a song called Rumors and that’s featuring Zayn. I think it’s such a fun song. It feels good, it's kinda sexy. So, that's what I'm listening to right now,"

 Zayne comes out now as MIA and being a part of some famous recent collaborations. His album Icarus Falls released in December 2018 and he had some hit singles as Dusk Till Dawn and Let Me though the album did not become a big hit as his previous album, Mind of Mine.

After a difficult 2018, Selena Gomez put a good ending for 2019 with the release of Lose You To Love Me, Look At Her Now,  and the upcoming single, Rare, released on January 10, 2020. All Selena fans are so happy with her spectacular back.


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