P!nk Claps Back At Internet Trolls Who Criticized A Picture Of Her 2 Years Old Son Not Wearing A Diaper

Ariana Linh |Apr 01, 2019

Being a celebrity, having trolls commenting on your Instagram is normal. The latest incident happened to award-winning singer Pink, who harshly slammed them afterwards.

On Sunday, March 31st, US famous singer P!nk posted a wholesome picture of her and her two children, 2-year-old son Jameson and 7-year-old daughter Willow. However, internet trolls attacked the photo because her son was naked from the waist down.

Pink deleted the picture and later reposted it. This time, she covered Jameson's crotch and added an angry caption. The angry mother criticised the trolls. She calls them "disgusting" for commenting on the fact that Jameson was circumcised. She also argued that it is normal for young children to take their diapers off at the beach. The singer then exclaimed that she was disappointed by the negativity of social media. She ended the caption on a sarcastic note, saying the pelican was tortured for hours before being put in front of a baby's "private."

The multiple Grammys winner, real name Alecia Moore, is a vocal opponent of parenting police on social media. When an Instagram user left a snarky remark on a picture she posted of a "family dinner", the songstress called him out.

Pink And Carey Hart Pose As Pink Is Honored With A

Her husband, Carey Hart, also isn't one to back down when his kids are targets of hate comments. In January, the 43-year-old author blasted those who slammed him for teaching his daughter to shoot a rifle. Hart said that knowing how to handle a weapon is a crucial topic of education, and it would be "completely ignorant" to think otherwise. Hart and Moore have been married for 12 years.

On April 26th, Pink plans to release her newest album Hurts 2B Human.


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