K-Pop Sex Scandal: Another Singer Must Quit Showbiz After Involving In Jung Joon Young Sex Video

Mina Muzumdar |Mar 15, 2019

After completely dismissing all relation to Seung-ri sex bribery scandal, Highlight singer Junhyung is the fourth person admits involving Seung-ri sex group chat.

Yesterday, o behalf of Junhyung (Highlight), Around US Entertainment issues a press release regarding the singer confession of involving Seung-ri's (BIGBANG) scandal and his retirement from Highlight. Earlier, the singer had vehemently denied his relation to the group chat. However, the K-Pop singer now admitted he watched sex video filmed illegally by Jung Joon Young.

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Singer Junhyung (Highlight)

The statement read:


Reportedly, Highlight's singer is going to appear before the police as a witness to Jung Joon Young crime.

Jung Joon Young


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