Breaking! MBN Reveals Identities Of All 8 Men In Jung Joon Young Sex Group Chat

Mina Muzumdar |Mar 17, 2019

The person behind this dirty sex group chat is not Jung Joon Young or Seuring but another key figure.

Yesterday, MBN revealed the full list of 8 people who engaged in Korean singer Jung Joon Young's group chat which share intimate photos and video filmed illegally by the K-Pop star. According to the report, Seungri (BIGBANG) and Jung Joon Young are identified as the leader in this group while a man who surname Kim in charge of installing a hidden camera.

The sex scandal has sparked outrage in the country and has left people questioning the morality of these K-Pop idols.


Here are eight men in the group chat:

1.  Seungri - Former BIG BANG singer

2. Jung Joon young - Singer/ Actor/ Reality star

3. Choi Jong Hoon - F.T. Island singer

4. Yoo In Suk - Yuri Holding CEO, Park Han Byul’s husband

5. Mr Kim - Former Club Chef Executive Officer

6. Kwon Hyuk Jun - Yuri’s (SNSD) brother

7. A Former YG Entertainment Staff

8. A Jung Joon Young's Friend

Noticeably, according to MBN report, Junhyung (Highlight member) and Jonghyun (CNBLUE) is not the member in this group chat but then has a private conversation with Jung Joon Young and some member in the chatroom. Although not belonging to Jung Joon Jung hidden camera group chat, they both faced harsh criticism for watching this illegally filmed video and has some vulgar comments about it. The two also asked Jung Joon Jung to provide prostitute.

In the latest occurrence, more chatroom information unveils Seungri’s attempts to bribe the authorities in his illegal activities. Meanwhile, Seungri’s agency YG Entertainment stock continues to plunge while the company CEO is being sued for “lack of ethics and morality”.

This sex scandal has not shaken K-Biz but also revealed many dark sides of the entertainment industry. As more story of the sex bribery scandal accumulates on the social media, big name taking the hit, Jung Joon Young, Seungri and all the celebrity related to them published an official apology and announced to retire from the entertainment industry.


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