Justin Bieber Is Reported To Receive Treatment For Depression

Kanchana Ngan |Feb 13, 2019

Justin Bieber, who seems down and tired during this recent time, is reported to be taking special treatment for depression.

Millions of fans around the world may get worried after hearing the news. Yet according to People sources, Justin Bieber is reported to be struggling with depression to the extent that medical treatment is needed. "He seems down and tired", the source described.

Justin Beiber

As known by many people, the world-wide singer has occasionally suffered from mental illness since the early days. This condition partially owes its root to his fame from the very young age. Justin shares that he always feels like being followed and stalked by fans. His every move is observed by the whole public, and no privacy is left at all. The feeling of extreme insecurity almost drives him crazy for so many times.

Also, the level of glory he has obtained also contributes to this matter. As his fame grew, Justin was only surrounded by people who just said 'Yes', but not a piece of useful, helpful advice or warning. Having these feelings along the course of his career was what the singer revealed.

However, People's sources clarified that it is neither Hailey Baldwin nor their marriage that causes Justin's current breakdown. On the contrary, the superstar said that he's genuinely happy being able to tie the knot with her. As captioned in one of his posts, "My heart is COMPLETELY and FULLY YOURS AND I WILL always put you first." Those simple and sincere words are enough to illustrate their unconditional love. So it must be something else that leads to his poor mental condition.

Talking about his drug addiction in the old days, Justin Bieber recently opened up to Vogue that he got stressed with that international fame and started abusing drugs because of it. The American singer either felt ashamed of himself and his actions or got awfully depressed during the long tours, both of which triggered the severe state of depression. He has no idea whom to share with. "I was lonely. I needed some time.", Justin heartbreakingly confessed.

Reportedly, Justin Bieber is now getting help through counselling and confident about a considerable improvement soon.


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