Member Of K-Pop Group GOT7 Got Harrassed By Fan During A Live Session

Salena Harshini |May 05, 2020

The member of GOT7, Jackson Wang, received an inadequate comment from a fan lately while the two were on a live conversation.

GOT7 is one of the top K-Pop boybands nowadays. They were introduced in 2014, the same year with other influential groups like Red Velvet, Mamamoo, GD X Taeyang

They have recently had a comeback with their newest song Not By The Moon and achieved successive wins. However, when the promotion is coming to an end, an incident has taken place as Jackson Wang, a member, was harassed by a fan during a live session.

Got 7

In detail, the band decided to pick a lucky fan who can make a video call with Jackson. He was able to talk to the fan in English, but the girl made a disturbing request and the whole fan community considered it inadequate and as harassment.

While the two were conversing, the fan decided to record the running gag. However, instead of asking the idol for a message or a special greeting as such, she asked Jackson Wang to call her in the way that triggered GOT7 fans (Ahgase) because of the insinuations in the word used by her.

The fandom took a dig at the fan’s behavior as they deem that she could have congratulated him on the latest comeback and his solo. The GOT7 member was a bit awkward for not getting why the fan would do that. He frowned a little but eventually took it as a joke.

Got7 Jackson

For the unversed, the group is famous for upbeat songs, powerful dance steps, and hysterical sense of humor among the whole group. Some of the most famous tracks of theirs are Just Right, Hard Carry, Never Ever

They have been busy with their schedule, from performing on music shows, making V Lives to interact with fans, to appearing on variety shows. Their episode on the ASMR program After Boss Falls Asleep has lately collected 1.5 million views after roughly 4 days of release. In this show, they have to cook in silence, the sound has to be under 70db.

Check this video out to see why their humor is so popular. Their earlier vid on this show had 20 million views on Youtube.

After returning with the title song NOT BY THE MOON in the 11th mini album DYE on the afternoon of April 20, GOT7 had a showcase to introduce new products to fans. However, amid the ongoing situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the JYP boyband' showcase this time was more special than ever.

Specifically, at this showcase, although GOT7 still performed and interacted as usual, the fans appeared to be just ... chairs. Because GOT7 fandom could not come to the event, the names of all these lucky fans were glued on each chair in the auditorium.

They greeted and called out the fans' names like there were actually some there
Got7 1
They even turned around and talked to the "air" fans
Got7 2
Posing for a mutual picture.. with the chairs

Seeing this, fans have commented to laud their positivity and their subtle sense of humor.


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