Famous Rapper Badshah Is Now The Owner Of The Luxurious Rolls Royce Wraith

Ariana Linh |May 04, 2019

Singer-rapper Aditya Singh Sisodia aka Badshah just got himself a brand new car. The singer is known for living a lavish lifestyle has now welcomed another epitome of luxury into his collection.

The Rolls Royce cars are symbols of luxury globally. And singer-rapper Badshah, a.k.a Aditya Singh Sisodia, just got himself one.

Badshah Cover

According to auto.ndtv.com, the white Rolls Royce Wraith the star purchased is ₹6.4 crore, with a powerful engine that can go 624 bhp at 5600 rpm.

On Instagram, Badshah had his parents and sister pose with the new car, along with the caption “It’s been a long journey. Welcome to the family." Although, however, this is far from his first expensive drive. Previously, Times Now News gave us an insight on Badshah's car collection. It includes a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Mercedes Benz S class, a BMW 649D and a Porsche Cayman 718 to name a few. The cars mentioned above worth at least ₹90 lakh, with the most expensive being the Lamborghini at ₹3.06 cr.

Besides cars, the 33-year-old Indian rapper is also a sneaker fanatic. In 2016, he casually revealed the numbers of his sneaker drawer with GQ magazine. “More than five hundred. After that, I’ve stopped counting.”, he said. Forbes later did an estimation of his collection, pricing it at ₹1.5 crore, including rare and limited sneakers.

Apart from producing top-of-the-line music, Badshah also ventured into a slew of other fields. According to Forbes, the man is the owner of a resto-bar and a production house. Plus, he also has a clothing brand named Badfit, and soon, he'll premier a Punjabi music channel on TV.

Badshah Album
Badshah's hit album: ONE - Original Never Ends. Source: britasia.tv.

That's not all he has in store for the future, however. Forbes reportedly said Badshah had taken a liking to resorts and interior designs. He shared that he has been discussing with a real estate group on his plans to build a mountain health resort. Badshah has an annual income of ₹15.94 crore.


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