Rapper Badshah Paid Rs 75 Lakh To Buy 75 Million Views For His Record-Breaking "Pagal Hai" MV, Reported

Salena Harshini |Aug 10, 2020

Badshah has recently been under question of police for faking world record by buying millions of views for his "Paagal" music video.

Rapper Badshah had allegedly admitted to Mumbai Crime Branch that he had paid Rs 75 lakh so that his single Pagal could break the record with 7.5 crore views in one day.

The clarification of the rapper came after the interrogation by the Crime Intelligence Unit that lasted 10 hours on Friday in connection to the reported promotion of his music album with fake followers and likes.

Badshah has reportedly admitted to purchasing millions of views for his "Paagal" MV

It was claimed by officials that in the questioning session, Badshad confessed to having paid an agency about Rs 75 lakh for 7.2 crores so that his Youtube video could set a world record for the most views in the first 24 hours.

He had claimed that with 75 million times of being watched within the first day, his MV for Paagal surpassed the earlier records set by Taylor Swift and Korean boy group BTS.

However, Google denied this claim of the rapper.

Meanwhile, an official shared that not only Paagal but they are also scrutinizing other songs of Badshah on social networks.

With this cheating allegation, his career will probably be affected in the long run

MV Paagal Hai is inserted in the form of advertisements between popular videos on YouTube. Therefore, thanks to this method, the MV of the Indian male artist is added up to millions of views. At that time, it was this scandal that made YouTube decide to change the way of counting views for records on this platform. Specifically, the MVs that apply the method of running ads will not be counted in the number of official views of the records. Instead, only organic views are counted.

This blatant fraud case is probably going to be a stain that will remain for a long time in the music career of Badshah.

Which agency did Badshah pay for the views?

For the unversed, the agency that worked with Badshah is reportedly Chtrbox. It has a tool called Boombox with clients like Priyanka Chopra, Virat Kohli, and rapper Badshah.

Incidentally, after Badshah’s confession, his profile was removed from this agency.

Other celebs were also embroidered in fake followers scandal

CEO of Chtrbox, Pranay Swarup, claims to own a monthly income of Rs 9 crore and have 30,000 clients. A lot of celebrities’ names listed in the site are fake, reportedly said by Crime Branch.

A few months earlier, Mumbai police busted a racket of fake followers on social media. Sportsperson, Bollywood stars are among the 176 high-profile people that have reportedly paid to collect followers.

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