SOCKED!!! Cardi B Spend An Insane $80,000 On Gift For Her Lil' Daughter Kulture

Mina Muzumdar |May 28, 2019

As Cardi unveils her latest song Press' release date, the rapper-singer spends a whopping amount of $80,000 for her daughter's gift.

On the 'very special' occasion that Cardi B announced her song Press' schedule to release, the US rapper spent a whopping amount of $80,000 on her daughter gift. In detail, the singer bought a diamond bracelet for her 10-month-old daughter Kulture.

Taking to a now-deleted Instagram post, the singer shared a video in which Kulture wearing the expensive bracelet, began with: "Just spent a bag on my daughter, you know a bad b**** gonna spoil."

She also tagged brand Pristine Jewelers in her post while mentioned: "If I'm iced out my daughter gotta be too."

Cardi B bought an $80,000 diamond bracelet for her 10-month-old daughter.

Earlier, the US controversial female rapper posted another screenshot of a text message with a set of diamond bracelet, wrote:


Recently, the Girl Like You singer had to delay her Baltimore concert due to complications from the latest plastic surgery that she underwent. Following doctor's advice, Cardi B had to reschedule all of her hectic work itineraries while waiting for her health to be fully recovered.

After giving birth to daughter Kulture, Cardi B confessed that she has a body's renovation with breast enlargement surgery and liposuction. Now we hope that Cardi B can come back to the stage soon.


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