Cardi B Apologises Indians After Posing As Goddess Durga For Reebok Promo Shoot

Hanima Anand |Nov 12, 2020

The bold rapper has removed the photo out of her Instagram post, sending apology to fans at the same time. The photoshoot is of Reebok promo campaign for their new sneaker collection.

On Wednesday, the American rapper Cardi B took to her Instagram announcement of her debut sneaker collection in collaboration with Reebok. Besides congratulations, she also receives harsh criticism from religious fans as the bold rapper poses as Goddess Durga in a revealing dress.

Cardi B As Goddess Durga
The photo of Cardi B resembles Goddess Durga with her signature hands.

Though many Cardi B’s fans stated that she wanted to pay homage to the Hindu Goddess Durga, raged Indians insisted that was disrespectful.

Comments On Cardi B Post 1
People immediately react to Cardi B's photo after it was posted.

Particularly, some gave very convincing arguments, such as wearing shoes in a Hindu temple was forbidden, or Goddess Durga must not be depicted for aesthetic purposes, let alone in revealing outfits.

Comments On Cardi B Post 2
An angry netizen who slams all Cardi B's supporters in this topic.

The commenting section on the post was immediately limited while negative feedbacks were removed on the thread. Cardi B, after that, also changed the photo to a more professional concept.

Cardi B Instagram Post
The rapper has replaced the controversial photo with another one, less revealing.

The bold rapper wrote on her Instagram story that:

"Sorry guys. I didn’t mean to offend or disrespect anybody’s culture. I can’t change the passed but I’ll be more cautious for the future. Love you guys."

Cardi B Instagram Story
She posted a story to send apologies to fans.

Cardi B is no stranger to scandals and controversial posts. The American rapper once got massive flak for posting a topless photo on her verified Instagram account earlier. However, she then deleted the picture and apologized netizens for the accidental post.

Cardi B Controversial Photo
Being one of the boldest artists on Earth, Cardi B has many controversial photos.

Though Cardi B often associates herself with controversies, she seems to know her limit. After any incident that might hurt the sentiments of fans, she all has timely responses to address the problem. That’s why after the rapper removed the disrespectful photo, her next posts on social media continue to gather support from an enormous fanbase.

Cardi B Menstruation Gown
Her 'menstruation' gown at Met Gala once set the Internet on fire.

Cardi B Instagram account is currently followed by 77.9 million people. She is also the most influential female rappers in the world right now.

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