Ariana Grande's Latest Single "7 Rings" Refers To Her Exes, Ponytail Hairstyle, Apartment And More

DungCNT |Jan 22, 2019

It's a Broadway musical but done with Ariana Grande's style. The MV is flooded with pink theme colour, furry coats, alluring parties as well as allusions galore.

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande in "7 Rings."

Maybe the audience is still impressed by Ariana Grande's previous song Thank U, Next due to its epicness. But the Queen of Pop has come back and dropped her latest single 7 Rings after hyping it up for days.

The singer's newest track is heavily influenced by rap and based on the old song My Favorite Things from the 1965 film titled The Sound of Music. It was a Broadway musical but done with Ariana Grande's style. The MV is flooded with pink theme color, furry coats, alluring parties as well as allusions galore.

Based on the friendship anthem, Ariana revealed how important this new song was to her. Sharing with Billboard in an interview, the pop star said that she wrote the single 7 Rings after a hard day. She together with her friends went to Tiffany's for some retail therapy. They bought 7 rings there and then the singer gave everyone a friendship ring when she returned to the studio.

Like her last video Thank U, Next, Ari once again took inspiration from her own life and her new music in the future. In case you were busy with fantasizing about your friendship ring, below are the references you might have missed.

Ari's dog appeared in her MV

In a post on her Twitter, Ariana wrote that her dog Toulouse might have not emerged in the video, but he wouldn't leave her. That's the reason why Toulouse became a part of the video as a cameo. He even has a pink doghouse.

The song in spray paint is Ari's future song?

Ari's eagle-eyed fans noticed that there is a word "NASA" scribbled in spray paint in a scene from her latest music video. Also, the keyword "NASA" popped up on a leaked tracklist several months ago. So it is most likely to be her new song for the next comeback.

This guess quite makes sense because most of her fans have known that she loves space and the solar system. And her post on the Instagram story is one of the evidence, "Jupiter can, like, get it. Earth is shaking. Jupiter, you're major."

Link with its "sister" "Thank U, Next"

Some parts of the singer's latest video 7 Rings have been heard in the opening of Thank U, Next. And many people think that this music video has some energy connections with the previous one. And Ariana gave an explanation for the vibe of the video this time. She stated that 7 Rings is like in comparison with its "sister," Thank U, Next.

Energy is not the solely common thing between Thank U, Next and 7 Rings. In the latter track, she seems to live in a dollhouse, where has a small pink couch. In a scene from the video, she rips into the wall, staring at the pink house she danced in. Is this idea a reference to the dollhouse that once appeared in her most recent video, which is inspired by the romantic film 13 going on 30? This is not Ariana's first coincidence in making MV, so it's entirely possible.

Ariana Grande 7 Rings

Ari's iconic hair

Ari's ponytail hairstyle has become a symbol in her videos. So there are no videos completed without this iconic hair. In MV 7 Rings, the fans are galvanized by a particular scene highlighted with her elongated hair stretching downstairs. She also jokes about her hair in the song's lyrics: "You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it."

Ariana Grande 1

Nods to Ari's past music concept

In the video's Rapunzel-infused part, one of her fans pointed out that her dancers are putting on the pop star's beloved bunny ears. This shot is in comparison with Ari's promo picture in Dangerous Woman, and Ari gave the tweet one like. Some fans posted "4 bunnies = 4 eras? She is representing the new era?"

"7 rings" is related to Ari's exes

Although her MV this time doesn't directly name her exes as Thank U, Next did, her past relationships are still mentioned through some lyrics. Ariana refers to what she has gone through a few months ago and then turned her sorrow into bops.

Moreover, she also makes an allusion to her present living situation in the apartment that she and her ex Pete Davidson bought last year. And now she lives alone in that house. "I bought a crib just for the closet/ Both his and hers, I want it, I got it, yeah." 


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