Ariana Grande Makes Legal Story For Breaking Plagiarism In Her Song “7 Rings”

Ankita Chetana |Jan 17, 2020

The singer has received a legal copyright lawsuit against her song “7 Rings” for plagiarizing the chorus of “You Need I Got It”. Deeds inside!

26-year-old Ariana Grande has been sticking to a lawsuit accusing her of infringing the copyright of her hit 7 Rings. Hip Hop singer DOT filed a suit suing the Thank U Next singer for plagiarizing the chorus part of his track to use it for her song. The rapper’s real name is Josh Stone has stated in his documents that Ariana has applied the chorus in his song You Need I Got It released in 2017. It further indicated that Tommy Brown who is a music producer of 7 Rings did lift the main element from the hip hop singer’s song.

Ariana Grande's "7 Rings" Has Been Sued By Josh Stone (DOT)

In detail, the chorus of 7 Rings including the part “I want it / I got it / I want it / I got it” as same as the lines on You Need I Got It chorus that “You need it / I got it / You want it / I got it”. As per information from the lawsuit, a couple of forensic musicologists checked the rhythm and notes that he has come to the conclusion that the two songs are similar. 39 notes of 7 Rings are reported to be identical with the same notes on You Need I Got It.

According to what was said to Fox News, the rapper’s lawyer has sent the lawsuit to defend the artist and his products. As a part of the song was recycled without any permission and consent. He also stated that it wasn’t true when other artists stopped earning money on DOT’s work. Ariana Grande launched 7 Rings in 2019 and became a hit overnight and tops the music charts. Up to now, the song goes on several music apps and streaming websites.


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