Anti-alcohol Lyrics Are Here To Set New Trends For This Party Season

HanhTH |Oct 30, 2018

This party season may have a little different taste of music.

It seems like the music industry no longer needs Chaar Botal Vodka to get high anymore. A quick glance at the most popular party songs of the season can obviously prove it. This Party Is Over Now of Honey Singh, with more than 40 million Youtube views of Ho Jao Saare Sober Now, and a double number of views for singers Rupan Bal’s Daru Band and Mankirt Aulakh. Meanwhile, Daru Badnaam, a 2016 product of Kamal Kahlon and Param Singh, is still on top of the charts.

According to many DJs, using alcohol to celebrate is no longer considered fashionable. Barkha Kaul also agreed that people now love tracks with anti-alcohol lyrics. And when a DJ doesn’t play these songs, people will repeatedly ask for them. It doesn't matter if it’s in a club or a party held privately, people are becoming big fans of lyrics like those of Daru Badnaam.

Amanpreet Wahi, the famous model, truly appreciates this good movement. She thinks it would be great if these positive songs encourage people to reduce the intake of alcohol.

Daru Badnaam
Daru Badnaam with Anti-alcohol lyrics

Param Singh also says the purpose of the idea was to use Daru Badnaam to make a change. He said many Indian DJs started to choose his song to play and luckily, people enjoyed it. It might be just a little change, but he would be very happy if his song could make a difference in society.
Mankirt Aulakh, at the same time, thinks that it's so great to have his song, Daru Band to be a hit. To him, it is the job of a true artist to create not just entertainment, but also something new to the audiences. With this song, they tried with something new and were able to touch the hearts of their fans.

Deep Money, the famous singer also agrees that songs with discouraging alcohol lyrics convey positive messages to young people and especially college students. About his upcoming anti-alcoholic song, Money said that the music industry itself had a very high demand. In the past, people were familiar with songs relating to alcohol. But now, it's about time that we make some changes to the music industry in general.

Hard Kaur, on the other hand, regards this new trend as just one of the music producers' strategies. She thinks it's people's choice to do whatever they want, drinking or going to the party. So let's just give them the freedom to choose what they want and stop telling people like her that they are leaving bad influences. And more importantly, the use of music to educate people is almost impossible.

Some other rappers like Fazilpuria refuse to follow this trend of anti-alcohol lyrics. They say the purpose of their songs is simply to entertain people, not to encourage them to drink. Fazilpuria also added that if someone tried to use a song to educate people, they are 100% likely to fail.

But people who love the party like Abhinav Srivastava, a strategy consultant, have a different way of thinking. To him, the only thing that matter is your spirit for parties.


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