V Full Movie Download Movierulz, Tamilrockers & Review About Nani's First Digital Film

Leela Adwani |Sep 05, 2020

V marks the first antagonist role of big star Nani. Watch V movie download right now to know his entirely new avatar as it's bound to keep you on the edge of your seat.

After months of waiting, the Telugu-language action thriller drama V finally released on 5 September. Helmed by Mohana Krishna Indraganti, V is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Starring Nani, Sudheer Babu, Aditi Rao Hydari, and Nivetha Thomas in the lead roles, V is the 25th film of Nani as an actor and it also marks the first antagonist role of the actor. Streaming on the OTT platform Amazon Prime Video in which the users have to pay a monthly fee to use its service, V movie download free version has turned out to be an alternative option for a lot of people.

In the post below, you will not only find the link for V full movie free download on Movierulz and Tamilrockers but also read about the movie plot, review, and other facts. Here we go!

Aditi Rao Hydari plays as the love interest of Nani in the film

While other small movies had already shifted their focus to stream on streaming services, this is also the first major Telugu film starring a big name like Nani to premiere on a digital site. It’s also the first film in his career that made the debut on an OTT platform.

In a nutshell, the film revolves around the story of DCP Aditya (played by Sudheer Babu) who is a talented and super cop best known for many achievements in his work. Meanwhile, a killed (played bu Nani) who is said to be a psychopath dares the DCP to nab him if not he will kill four innocent people.

V movie poster - the first digital film of Nani

The mysterious murderer leaves clues and messages for the DCP. Aditya, on the other hand, gets the support from his girlfriend Apoorva (played by Nivetha) who is a crime novelist. She will take responsibility for uncovering the clues from the serial killer. However, why does he do so and what is his motive? The rest of the story will deal with these points.

We don’t want to spoil too much the content of the film, you should figure out in the free V movie download version that we are about to share below.

If you are in search of a website to download the Telugu film V but most of them are empty, fake, and died, now your problem is solved. This version is bound to bring you a smooth movie watching experience.

Get V Telugu full movie download Movierulz right now. Despite the mixed response from the viewers, we recommend you watch the film to have your own opinions and watch it with an open mind and don’t let any spoilers and reviews affect your feelings towards the film.

Other than this V download address, you can also check V movie free download on Tamilrockers in different languages to watch it online. After following the link to Tamilrockermovies, please scroll down to see their suggested latest movies, including a series of V movie download. You can find there free download versions of V movie in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam besides the Telugu film. V full movie download in Hindi is also on the way, but Tamilrockers will update it to the list as soon as possible, so you should save the link for later use.

If you have enough time before proceeding to V movie download Tamilrockers or Movierulz, you can check our brief V movie review as below to see whether it's a hit or flop.

The first scenes of V full movie download are very much like a serial killer film but it slowly moves into a psychological psychological action thriller as Nani’s character starts leaving many clues at the place when he kills a victim with cryptic messages. However, the cat and mouse games between the criminal and the cop are said to be quite predictable as any layman can guess easily that Nani is not actually a serial killer. The audience can figure out that this isn’t a serial killer story but vengeance after 45 first minutes of the V movie download.

Is he a serial killer? Find your answer in the V movie free download!

The action sequences and shootouts get a lot of praises but it’s not fresh enough to stun the viewers even though it’s a whole new ballgame for Nani. The romance does happen in the film. We can see the love blossomed between Nani and Aditi, Sudheer and Nivetha. However, this part is also quite clinched to the core.

However, V can start with a bang as it has a good beginning that’s appealing enough to hold the interest in the audience and it’s all thanks to the acting performance of the senior actor Nani. If you also think that way, just watch V movie download free.

We also see the romance between Nivetha Thomas and Sudheer in the film.

The director should put more focus on the latter part of the film. The plus is that he knows how to utilize other Telugu movies like Boyapati, K Raghavendra as references to elicit humor. However, when it comes to the clues from the killer and investigation scenes, they are quite formulaic. If you are seeking a drama that can make your head fully spiral, V Telugu movie download is not that film.

However, the screen time of both Nivetha and Aditi is limited

It’s safe to say V movie download lacks uniqueness and the viewers might have seen these types of sequences in other action-thriller movies. Is it true? Check it in V Telugu full movie download version.

It goes without saying that Nani is the best part and the reason to watch this thriller. Even though playing an antagonist is not his strong suit, he totally nailed it.

Sudheer Babu also did a great job in playing a competent super cop and he has equal footage compared to that of Nani.

The romance is the highlight of the film

Another plus of the film is its rich production design along with high technical values. The audiences will get a visual treat from the top-class cinematography.

Hope you will have some quality time with the V movie download version that we have suggested. Should you have any feedback, please leave it in the comment section.

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