Parasite, Secret Sunshine, Hope,... These Korean Greatest Movies Deserve To Have A Bollywood Remake!

Nalini Suri |Jun 26, 2019

Korean movies have been rising as a phenomenon to spread out all over many countries. Recently, Bollywood also intends to remake some of it. See the list below!

In the cinematic world, while Hollywood movies are highly appreciated by CGI with thrilling action movies, Koreans movies have brought to the audience a string of deep emotions. From romantic to psychology, action and even horror films, in all types, Korean movies have left a profound humane value touching all hearts. You can cry, contemplate or deeply feel hurt about what has been shown and left after Korean movies.

Understanding this kind of value, Bollywood is running a project on remake some Koreans movies which are best in all aspects. Follow the list below to know more.

Parasite (2019)

Director: Bong Joon-ho

Korean movies Parasite

It is comprehensive to see Parasite on the top spot due to its success in Cannes Film Festival. The tragicomedy is a slight but hurt look at class rage with many surprising contents when all the members of the unemployed Kim family alternatively step into a wealthy house.

The Handmaiden (2016)

Director: Park Chan-wook

Korean movies The Handmaiden

This is a lustful version of the British crime film Fingersmith, an impressive homosexual story becomes a series of tricks without pros and cons. Violence, sex and another view of homosexual are 3 main factors to make The Handmaiden become a masterpiece. A pickpocket becomes a servant to help a swindler seduce a rich Lady to run with him but everything wouldn’t change if the 2 women do not develop emotions to each other.

Secret Sunshine (2007)

Director: Lee Chang-dong

Korean movies Secret Sunshine movie

Secret Sunshine is a tale of the brave journey of a woman and her child following her husband’s death but in vain, the story turns to deliver a number of tragedies. Grief then shines with faith, the movie has given a spiritual maturity and recovery of a much-lost woman.

Memories of Murder (2003)

Director: Bong Joon-ho

Korean movies Memories of Murder movie

This movie is considered as the best thriller in South Korea to take the background of rural areas in the 80s of the previous decade. It is a journey with many dark corners when 2 cops and a detective try to investigate a franchise of brutal rape-murders. When a new corpse is found, their way gets more desperate.

Hope (2013)

Director: Lee Joon-Ik

korean movies Hope movie

This is based on a true story of Nayoung’s 2008 case shaking all the South Korean society at that time. Hope is an end-most pain that the 8-year-old girl’s organs are eternally damaged after coping with a disgusting rape by a drunk man. The high point of the movie is when the little girl’s father realizes that he would treat and care for her better.

The Chaser (2008)

Director: Na Hong-jin

Korean movies The Chaser movie

The Chaser created heat in 2008 about a seriously violent nightmare of serial-killer set in the capital of South Korea. The movie is about a race when the ex-cop now becoming a pimp finds one of his girls go missing into a serial killer.

Poetry (2010)

Director: Lee Chang-dong

Korean movies Poetry movie

The core value through a psychology movie is the emotion shredding a 60-year-old woman. While she starts loving poetry, she also realizes her grandson’s crime of raping repeatedly a girl causing her suiciding. The woman who everyday struggles with Alzheimer’s now holds more emotions of shame, helplessness adding anger.

New World (2013)

Director: Park Hoon-Jung

Korean movies New World movie

This movie will release your mind to the best action scenes and underworld tension that you would expect. This is a gangster action movie about wisdom battle between the mafia and the cops while one of them joins next-in-line the project to get down the biggest crime empire in Korea.

Burning (2018)

Director: Lee Chang-dong

Korean movies Burning movie

Lee Chang-dong’s directorial took inspiration from Barn Burning of Haruki Murakami. Burning is a lonely and dark picture of South Korea that brought a mysterious and anxious story about the young generation. The main boy in the movie who lives in a poor environment crushes a friend since the duo is small but not long later, his crush comes back along with another man. The man starts to reveal his strange hobby and then gets revenge.

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