"The Wife" Review: Glenn Close Should Win An Oscar For This Five Stars #MeToo Movie

Bindhiya Nhi |Feb 15, 2019

Glenn Close has done more than a good job in The Wife and she surely deserves an Oscar this year for this brilliant movie.

The Wife 2018 Movie Poster

The Wife

Director: Bjorn Runge
Cast: Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce, Max Irons, Christian Slater
Rating: 5/5

The movie begins with a sex scene, and it is not a romantic neither an alarming one. There is an elder couple lays together in their bed, the woman falls asleep while the man could not close his eyes. He then sneakily put his hand under the bed sheets, yet the woman sleepily turned to him and says no.

Based on how it goes, the couple may have to deal with this situation before. It turns out to be such a ritual everyday. The man tries to comfort his wife, saying "You just have to lie there and do nothing." Eventually, the wife does not refuse her husband anymore and even enjoys the moment. Soon, it ends, and they both fall asleep, and the transaction is completed.

Later, the man receives a call saying that he is awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature

The Wife Official Trailer.

The man then tells the person on the phone to wait for him a little bit. He wants his wife to listen to the good news with him so that they can share the joyful moment together. She is indeed happy for him, and they celebrate by dancing on the bed. However, on the same day, she asks her husband not to mention her name in his acceptance speech. Despite her reason that she does not want to be known as "the long-suffering wife", the man still says her name.

The Wife focuses on the topic of relationships, but it is not only about the couple of writer Joe Castleman (Jonathan Pryce) and his wife Joan (Glenn Close). It even tells about patriarchy, about how it affects and how it cripples the relationship between men and women. Moreover, the movie does an outstanding job by supporting the #MeToo movement, even though it was finished filming before the day Harvey Weinstein's scandal broke out in 2017.

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The Wife has taken a long period to be publicly known in each country. It is originally a movie released in 2017, as it first went on screen at the Toronto International Film Festival. Several months later, it hit the American and UK theatres. Finally, the movie is introduced to the Indians while the Oscar event is coming soon, in which actress Glenn Close has been nominated for Best Actress.

Glenn Close certainly deserves an Oscar this time. While watching the movie, one will find it is hard to not pay attention to her performance, even if her role has many silent moments. She has been through so much, from how she has to be in her place over the years, been labelled as her husband 'better half' and then being thrown into a crowd of other women just to discuss fluffy things. It is easy to understand why she describes herself as 'a long-suffering wife', and her husband may never know because he has only been in his own art world for all this time.

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The Wife happens in 1992, in which you can see most of the movie scenes revolve around hotel rooms, cabins, bars and ballrooms. The love story of writer Joe and his wife Joan is included through flashbacks, as Close's daughter Annie Starke plays her mother's role Joan in several parts.

In a recent event, Close revealed to Hollywood Reporter that the movie had been postponed for 14 years. She stated that it was difficult to find suitable actors for a film called The Wife. Eventually, and luckily, Jonathan Pryce was the right choice after such a long time of casting. He knows how to be egotistic and pathetic just enough to have a brilliant performance besides his co-star Close.

Even though The Wife has the same theme as Big Eyes or Hitchcock, it is still a brand new experience for the audiences. The movie does not deal with the matter of the bad and the good, as relationships in real life are indeed more complicated than that.


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