China Removes 6 LGBT+ Scenes From Oscar Winning Movie "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Mina Muzumdar |Mar 26, 2019

"Bohemian Rhapsody" was released on March 22 in China. Despite winning the Oscar award, 6 scenes with the content related to LGBT+ were banned by Chinese’s censors.

On March 22, Oscar-winning Bohemian Rhapsody, a film centred around the life and career of the British rock band singer, Queen was released in China. While the film has garnered accolades globally, Chinese's censor removed six scenes from the movie, including the word "gay".

In 2016, "abnormal sexual behaviour" which is including the relationship of lesbian and gay was forbidden by Chinese’s censors. This content is banned in both online shows and TV.


One of the scenes is when Mary and the lover of Mercury, Mary, decide to face up to the sexuality of Mercury. Response to the statement of the singer "I think I'm bisexual", Mary said, "No Freddie, you're gay". This scene was removed in the Chinese version. 

Another climatic cổnntation was cut is when Queen turned out in women's clothing and sang "I Want To Break Free". The storyline then jumped to the scene Queen's reaction on banning music video, which led to the audience's confusion.

Homosexuality is not acknowledged in China since 2011 the authorities withdraw it from the official list of mental disorders. LGBT+ activist and many experts in the country said that they are trying to eliminate prejudices and discrimination.

LGBT+ activist Fan Popo when talking about the release of Bohemian Rhapsody said:


Bohemian Rhapsody emotionally binds the audience in the story of the legendary rock singer Freddie Mercury who passed away in 1991 after battling with HIV/AIDS. The film won Golden Globes Awards for Best Motion Picture - Drama while the leading actor Rami Malek received the Oscar for Best Actor.


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