“The Perfection” Review: A Demented And Perturbing New Thriller To Watch On Netflix

Nalini Suri |May 30, 2019

“The Perfection” review: these days Netflix’s new thriller is appropriately such a subversive and sleazy sort of film lost in an excess of mediocrity that you need to watch it immediately.

The psychosexual thriller The Perfection of Netflix is an almost perfect masterpiece like its name of modern profiteering cinema, like the atrocious lovechild of Velvet Buzzsaw and Whiplash. Talking about The Perfection, we cannot mention that it is full of twists and turns. Watch The Perfection trailer here:

There are a lot of things to unpack but one undeniable thing is that director Richard Shepard builds his storyline in a dumping way which is directly contrasted to the delicate backdrop. Similar to Black Swan of Darren Aronofsky and Velvet Buzzsaw, the new thriller movie is about the underbelly of a contemporary world of art which is hidden. That world contains a blameful soul packed beneath a perfect beauty blanket.

the perfection

The Perfection is an abstraction in the extreme duality. A pretty girl with aesthetic is put with bizarre violence, prettier girls are even denuded terribly and the playground of the pervert is an academy of classical music.

Allison Williams plays as Charlotte who is a fantastic cellist forced to give up her dreams and the reputable academy owed by Anton because of her mother’s serious illness which required continuous supervision. A few years later, when Charlotte got off her responsibility of caring the dying parent, she goes back to Anton to find her place back.

the perfection

One of The Perfection movie’s biggest achievements is that it is well-managed like the audience’s expectations and then subverts them effortlessly. Charlotte flies to Shanghai to see Anton and they are still in China until about the halfway mark. This is not pandering and obnoxious but a richly sub-textual manner. China as all of us know is a country with sports history that is much-debated, especially basketball, table tennis, and tennis. Unsurprisingly, it has produced several world’s premier cellists.

the perfection

In conclusion, The Perfection is still perfect in its own way, like a gem which is lost in the endless excess of mediocrity dominating the conversation between us. Just watch and enjoy it.

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