"The Boys Season 2": Recaps For Episode 1-3 And FULL Download For The Series

Salena Harshini |Sep 05, 2020

The newest season of "The Boys" has arrived and for those who have not been able to catch up with this series, we have the quickest recaps and download link for you to check out!

When its season 1 came in presence in July 2019, The Boys series totally turned the tables for the superhero genre. After the last dramatic events of SS1, The Boys season 2 was instantly ordered up and it has recently arrived on Amazon Prime Video.

The Bpys
The Boys series has been trending since its season 2 was released

The powerful Seven, same as what Justice League and the Avengers offer, are worldwide famous but are run by the Vought International corp. for profit. However, they became arrogant and consequently corrupted during the year they have been active.

Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and his team – the Boys, distrust the Seven and would do everything possible to bring down those so-called superheroes down a peg or two.

Like season 1, The Boys season 2 will have eight episodes in total. Although only three episodes have been released at the moment, they have somewhat served the right call and loosen the threads left from the season finale.

The Boys 1
We have made some recaps for you to quickly catch up with the serial

Here are some quick recaps of The Boys season 2 episode 1 to 3.

Episode 1: "The Big Ride"

The new season starts with a funeral. After the blood bath of the previous season, the heroes reunited at the ceremony of a former member of Seven. The short-lived Translucent was killed by Hughie after detonating a bomb in an uncomfortable place.

In case you wonder where the team of anti-heroes has been, they are on the run while living underground with a ragtag group led by Frenchie (Tomer Kapon).

The Boys6
Homelander and Starlight

The two most prominent revelations from this ep arrive at nearly the end. The first one is the appearance of a new and horrible enemy for The Boys. meanwhile, Stormfront bursts into the series as the brand new member and without spilling too many beans, the show hints at her origins in the comics by stating she hails from Portland.

Another moment that the audience was waiting for is when The Boys argue on what to do next, Billy the Butcher officially comes back while making a badass appearance. He kicks a man down the stairs and reassures that there is no need for Hughie to worry as “daddy’s home”.

Episode 2: "Proper Preparation and Planning"

So where was Billy? Well, the biggest question was answered in The Boys season 2 episode 2. He was at Tony Ciccero's. He started his journey to New York City when his ex-teammates are in trouble.

One of the most massive shadows is A-Train. He surprisingly returns on live television in what was supposed to be a moving moment. However, it triggers a panic attack for Starlight who knows the threats that he holds.

The Boys
Billy the Butcher and other antagonists

Starlight and Stormfront In this episode, there are a number of showdowns. Stormfront and Starlight argue. And Hughie and Billy have a fight although they did have a moment before.

The second episode of The Boys season 2 reveals Billy’s motive as long as the stronger continuation that some characters are compromised in.

Episode 3: "Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men"

In this installment, it finally begins to put the characters together as the thrilling chapter reaches its climax.

It changes everything as the new details in this episode makes the superheroes feel less unique. Their exclusivity is threatened and they can feel it.

The Boys1
Queen Maeve

Some deets of this episode is The Seven turning up, the distraught The Deep about the deceased whale. The Deep tells Starlight that he is willing to go on a hard and long road to forgiveness. In brief, episode 3 finishes on tragic terms and a feeling of emptiness.

After all the briefing, the best way to enjoy this series is absolutely to watch it ourselves.

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