Stree Movie Review: It was nice but could have been better

ngocbaonguyen |Sep 06, 2018

Not too bad, but Stree could have been definitely better.

As the Suspect No 1 ghost Shraddha Kapoor allures Rao into loving her so much that he talks nothing except her while he hangs out with friends. The story has begun as Miss Stree continues to torment a village, but
unfortunately, lacks pace till you are driven to your Pepsi and Popcorn.The film moves fast and keeps you glued to the seat. Is that enough? Kinda, but the dialogues don’t do justice to the bizarre situations that crop up frequently. Rao's constantly funny friends Aparshakti Khurana and Abhishek Banerjee find themselves more on the centre-stage in the second half, but Stree still doesn't send you into raptures. The climax is a bit tipsy and you leave your seat thinking 'It was nice but could have been better. It was funny
but I won't laugh out loud if I remember the film at home. It was not at all scary and I wouldn't imagine the female ghost if I am walking down a spooky street at night'.a
A Still From StreeShraddha Kapoor is fine, but need to improve her acting skills a little bit. Guessing she will learn quickly, why doesn't she avail the services of her aunt Padnmini Kolhapure who was an actor par excellence?a
A Still From StreeAt some point, Stree is on funny side, hardly scary. That imbalance makes the film a little trivial, a bit teenager taste. But yet, you have to raise a toast to Rao and Pankaj Tripathi's (playing a research expert on witches) acting skills who carry the film on their shoulders to the peak, especially the former. Shraddha does not have an author-backed role. It's Rajkummar Rao almost all the way- quantity and quality. Watch this film for Rao's histrionics, this man can give 4 expressions in one shot- comical, scared, romantic and dominant. That's exactly what Shraddha makes him do in the end to defeat the Stree.


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