To Sonakshi Sinha, Akshay Kumar Is The Biggest Star In The "Mission Mangal" Film

Nari Chakraborty |Aug 07, 2019

Mission Mangal's poster has opened a debate as Akshay Kumar was given more relevance but Sonakshi Sinha, also the star of the movie, defends this statement. 

Mission Mangal's poster opened a debate as Akshay Kumar got more room. Meanwhile, Sonakshi Sinha, also the star of the movie, shows her objection to this statement.

Sonakshi Sinha discussed the movie's poster
Sonakshi Sinha discussed the movie's poster

Mission Mangal which is based on the Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan) of Indian Space Research Organisation must be the most expected movie this year. The film includes famous stars like Sonakshi SinhaAkshay Kumar, Taapsee PannuSharman Joshi, and Kirti Kulhari.

It appreciated feminine empowerment and describes how female scientists made the Mars dream possible for India. The problem is the poster of Mission Mangal where Akshay Kumar's face took up more space on it than the lead actresses.

Sonakshi Sinha in Kalank
Sonakshi Sinha in "Kalank"

In an interview, Sonakshi Sinha shared her viewpoints. She mentioned Akshay as one of the most vending actors in the movie. The Dabangg star acclaimed that and also said that since Khiladi's revenue is higher than other actors that were also in the movie, he was on the poster in such a way.

However, after all, she insisted that it is the whole cast's effort and no one has to feel subordinate during the movie project implementation.

Mission Mangal 1
Sonakshi Sinha and the whole cast of "Mission Mangal"

Sonakshi added: “To all of us, it was teamwork." Without teamwork, the success of the movie can not be achieved. The viewers are waiting for this blockbuster to explode all movie theaters and it definitely will. While shooting, none of the entire cast was made to feel like he/she was having a smaller position than the others.

However, we all admit that Akshay Kumar is the biggest star in the movie! She recalled that someone told her back then: "Jo bikta hai, voh dikhta hai" and it has stuck in her head until now. If you take a look at Akshay's previous movies, he's the one who brought numbers to the film. That's the answer to the question: Why does his face occupy more than the rest on the poster?

The movie will be released on 15 August. Don't miss it!

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