Celebrities’ Instagram Update: Here's How Sonakshi Sinha, Nia Sharma & Esha Gupta Enjoy Their Sunny Days

Leela Adwani |Oct 28, 2020

In our Celebrities’ Instagram update section today, we will see how Nia Sharma, Sonakshi Sinha, and Esha Gupta enjoy their peaceful and beautiful sunny days.

It’s late October and we are enjoying the last bit of Autumn with the best weather of the year. Soaking up the sun and immersing in the pleasant vibe of slight wind and warm rays of sunshine are considered a treat. From the North to the South, there are many options to enjoy a sunny day for all tastes amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Many opt for outdoor activities but still ensure social distancing, others stay at home. And that was also the way that many celebrities choose to do.

Celebrities Instagram Update
Celebrities' Instagram Update

In our Celebrities’ Instagram update section today, we will see how Nia Sharma, Sonakshi Sinha, and Esha Gupta enjoy their peaceful and beautiful sunny days.

Sonakshi Sinha

It goes without saying that only a few people can nail the sun-kissed look and Sonakshi is one of them. Being a costume designer before making her acting debut in the action-drama Dabangg in 2010, Sonakshi has a strong aesthetic sense.

Celebrities Instagram Update 1
Sonakshi Sinha shares a throwback picture

Sharing a throwback picture where she can be seen sitting by the window and enjoying the sunshine, the actress looks away from the camera. The yellow-toned picture gives off a nostalgic but pleasant vibe. Letting her fall loose, Sonakshi wears a sexy black dress inside a thin and transparent tee shirt showing off her shoulder.

Celebrities Instagram Update 2
Another sun-soaked photo on her Instagram

The actress captioned,

“Revisiting one of my fav shots by @rohanshresth. Because 2020 is the year of throwbacks!”

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Nia Sharma

The Celebrities’ Instagram update section this week cannot complete without mentioning Nia Sharma. Touted as a bombshell in the entertainment world, Nia is also known to be a sunshine lover.

Celebrities Instagram Update 3
Nia looks gorgeous even with a homemade photoshoot

Sharing a set of three pictures, the actress delivered a homemade but extremely professional photoshoot right in her bedroom. Donning a mini dress matching with her room’s tone, Nia also put on a brown makeup look.

Celebrities Instagram Update 4
Choosing a nude-toned makeup look, Nia stuns everyone with her beauty

The square-neck cream-colored dress with long sleeves perfectly flaunts her sexy curves.

Celebrities Instagram Update 5
The picture is taken in her bedroom

She wrote,

“Mix all shades of brown in a jar and it becomes me!!”

Celebrities Instagram Update 6
On the occasion of her Instagram account hitting a new milestone with 5M followers

Wearing the outfit from Lavish Alice and necklines from Klissaa, Nia Sharma’s sun-kissed look surely brightens up your day.

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Esha Gupta

If Sonakshi Sinha and Nia Sharma love staying inside their house, Esha, on the other hand, is an outdoor addict. She loves being outside and enjoys the fresh air. The 1985-born actress has established her name mainly in Bollywood. She is loved by people from quarters for not only her acting talent but also her fashion sense, her down-to-earth manner, and especially the way she enjoys her life.

Celebrities Instagram Update 7
Esha Gupta is a yoga freak

The backyard is the favorite corner in her residence where she can do yoga and bask in the sunshine at the same time. This time around is not an exception. Sharing a beautiful yoga pose, the actress was seen standing on her yoga mat, totally being bathed in sunshine.

Celebrities Instagram Update 8
She loves doing it outdoor

However, this was not the first time she shared a yoga picture from her backyard. Earlier, she also shared a photo taken from the same but a selfie one.

It’s not far off the mark to say our Celebrities’ Instagram update section today has a sunshine theme. Hope the sun-soaked pictures of these divas will help you get rids of mid-week blues.

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