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Leela Adwani |Sep 12, 2020

The gap between reality and hope is quite huge and it reflects vividly in the film. Watch and DOWNLOAD for FREE with Ramsingh Charlie Movie Download 720p!

Helmed by Nitin Kakkar, Ram Singh Charlie is one of the most awaited releases of the year 2020. Starring Kumud Mishra in the lead role, the film was released on 28 August 2020. Since then Ramsingh Charlie Movie Download 720p has been a hot keyword on the search engines.

The film features Kumud Mishra and Divya Dutta in the lead role

Jointly written by Kakkar and Sharib Hashm, the film also features Divya Dutta, Farrukh Seyer, and Akarsh Khurana in other important roles. Ram Singh Charlie is currently getting a positive response from the viewers. The film showcases how the circus business which is all the rage as a source of entertainment in the 90s has vanished.


Before knowing where to get Ramsingh Charlie Movie Download 720p, take a look at its plot first.

The film revolves around the story of a rickshaw puller named Ramsingh (played by Kumud Mishra) living in Kolkata. In the past, he used to be an entertainer at a circus called Jango. However, when the circus stops running, its employees who mostly have spent their lives under the big top make ends meet across Kolkata. While the dwarves become watchmen at a bar, the violin player moves to a subway. Ram, just like them, struggles to find new work and finally ends up being a hand-pulled rickshaw.

The film centers on the life of an entertainer at a circus but loses his job

Even though he doesn’t work in a circus anymore, his wife who is pregnant, and his son both support his dream to open his own circus. However, life is way tougher than we think as the gap between reality and hope is quite huge.

We don’t want to spoil too much the content of the film. You should watch it in the Ramsingh Charlie Movie Download 720p version that we are about to suggest below.


For those who are unversed, the long-displayed movie has been released on SonyLIV. The drama perfectly sheds light on several social evils that serve as underlying themes.

Starts streaming on 28 August, the film is getting a positive response from the viewers

The film is getting a positive response from both the audiences and the critics alike. NDTV rated the film with 3.5 stars (out of 5) which is a rare score. In their review article, they said that Ramsingh Charlie has layers that can run deep. Not just this its sweep is also excitingly expansive.

Meanwhile, Times of India gave the film 3 stars with the short title but conveys a meaningful message. This is not only about a normal circus but we can relate to the harsh reality of our life. Replace the circus with other forms of employment, the film can resonate in the age of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic where thousands of people lost their jobs. We recommend you watch the Ramsingh Charlie Movie Download 720p version that we are about to share below to have your own review.

Ramsingh Charlive cast

In a recent interview with Indianexpress, Kumud Mishra (Ram Singh) decodes his journey as the entertainer Singh and the challenges that he had faced.

Ramsingh-Charlie-Movie-Download-720p-3-Divya Dutta-2
Divya Dutta steps into Ramsingh's wife shoes

He said that he refused to play the lead role initially after reading the requirements for this role. He wanted to play a smaller part. However, when the music of the film was played, something magical did happen and that was why he accepted to do the film as Ram Singh.

Kumud didn't want to play this role at first

He lost around 22 to 24 kilos for the role but he doesn’t consider it an achievement as what’s important is whether I can crack the character or not.

Elaborating further about the same, Kumud revealed that he was extremely nervous as a few portions gave him sleepless nights. Even though everyone was happy with his work, he is the only one understanding himself the most. He is still not satisfied.

Ramsingh Charlie Movie Download

Nitin Kakkar-directorial film made its digital premiere on an OTT platform on 28 August 2020. However, it’s not the first film to be leaked on the piracy websites like Tamilrockers or Filmyzilla. In fact, Ramsingh Charlie Movie Download 720p version has been available for free download.

Such illegal sites leak several newly-released series, shows, movies for the viewers who don’t want to use the paid service. They can download the same by using torrents. Needless to say, these websites turn out to be a nightmare for the makers as they have a huge financial loss to endure.

Ramsingh Charlie is said to be a must-watch film during the lockdown

Despite the effort from the authorities in combatting these cybercriminals, the piracy sites still develop with the number of users growing every day.

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