Rashid Irani: Peppermint Is Just Another Dull Vigilante Thriller

Uthkarsh Anh |Oct 02, 2018

Jennifer Garner is back to the screen, but this might not be her best shot..

If you are looking to hear about Peppermint, this review will serve you well!

Directed by Pierre Morel, starring Jennifer Garner and Juan Pablo Raba, Peppermint somehow only gets 1.5 out of 5 stars for rating from critics. Some even call the film "another vapid vigilante thriller", just to stress their point. The plot twist which was expected by the film's producers to make the whole movie count, turns out to be about a woman off on the wrong foot to a murder. Not just a normal murder, but a whole murderous rampage!
Jennifer Garner
Are you looking forward to Jennifer's performance in Peppermint?

Tragedy happens to the lead actress when her husband and daughter were killed.

But then things get worse. The killers get away with their crime, due to the corrupted judicial system. Now the widow and pained mother, the lead character - played Jennifer Garner - disappears into thin air. Years pass by, she is seen on the mean streets of LA. Now she is no longer a housewife. She looks well-toned and carries with her a great amount of military-grade firepower.

Talking about the film's production, we have to say that they have overused the faux female-empowerment theme. Such theme has been misused as the excuse for all of the relentless carnage in the movie, both graphics and exploitative. On the other note, the drug villain is depicted as Latino hoods, the film boringly alludes to the reality about ethnic minorities in the States. And the peak of terrible production is when the lead character takes to her media channel - with a huge number of followers - to showcase her rampage!  Tragic!

What good compliment can we say about Peppermint?

Sadly, none! The time-lapse opening credits sequence is so overdone, and the plot twist is utterly absurd. If anything, Peppermint is a big sigh!

Before Peppermint

Jennifer Garner has been known for her role as a high-class call girl in "Catch Me if You Can" - the film produced by the famous Steven Spielberg. She had a chance to cooperate with Ben Affleck in "Daredevil". We all know that the couple later got married, and this marriage rewarded them with three beautiful children. About the reason why they are divorced, some believe that it is due to Ben's addiction.

Peppermint might not be a very successful comeback for Jennifer. However, the actress has already confirmed to become a voice actor in the upcoming animation film "Wonder Park". In this comedy film, Jennifer will voice the Mother. "Wonder Park" is expected to hit the screen sometime next March!

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