Cops Raid Vivek Oberoi's House In Mumbai In Connection To Serious Sandalwood Drug Case

Hanima Anand |Oct 15, 2020

The news came as a shock to all fans of both Vivek Oberoi’s movies and his business venture. However, the authority is reported to search for his brother-in-law Aditya Alva.

Though Vivek Oberoi has switched to business instead of searching for further limelight in Bollywood, his name is even more popular than before. After a series of investment, Vivek Oberoi is more known as a talented businessman rather an actor.

While the former actor is gaining his fame for business credentials, fans were shocked when hearing the news cops raided his house in Mumbai in relation to a drug case. There isn’t an official announcement yet, although rumors have it that police were looking for Aditya Alva, the brother-in-law of Oberoi.

Vivek Oberoi Businessman And Actor 1
Despite his pause in acting, Vivek is still a household name to Bollywood fans.

The search was conducted by the Central Crime Branch officials in Mumbai in connection to a big drug syndicate involving a number of celebrities in the Kannada entertainment industry.

Aditya Alva is the son of Jeevaraj Alva who was the former Minister of Karnataka. Aditya is believed to supply drugs for many singers and actors of Sandalwood.

An anonymous police offer leaked the information that they wanted to arrest Aditya Alva and there was information that Alva was staying at Vivek Oberoi’s house in Mumbai. That’s why they obtained a court warrant and came to Oberoi’s residence.

Vivek Oberoi House In Mumbai
Police said they searched for Alva who was reported to hide at Vivek Oberoi's house in Mumbai.

Earlier this year, a serious drug case in the Kannada film industry was exposed by the filmmaker Indrajit Lankesh. According to reports, some drug peddlers have been absconded including the prime accused Shivaprakash Chuppi and Sheik Faazil.

In fact, twelve people have been arrested so far and Aditya Alva is the next name in the list.

Regarding the Sandalwood celebrities, two actresses Ragini Dwivedi and Sanjjanaa Galrani are being investigated under judicial custody. Previously, the two Kannada stars were reportedly kept in the same room at Women's Centre. Both of them asked for lawyers' help to get bail but latest news confirmed their bails were rejected yesterday.

Before the raid of CCB at Vivek Oberoi’s house in Mumbai, the Narcotics Control Bureau officers have searched Aditya Alva’s residence and some other places in Bengaluru. However, the accused hasn’t shown up yet.

Vivek Oberoi Businessman And Actor 2
The actor and businessman hasn't responded to the viral news. will update more information in Bollywood News. Visit our website daily for latest reports!

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