'40 Years Old And From Prominent Bollywood Family' - Netizens Guessing Who Is 'K' In The Drug Chat With Deepika Padukone

Salena Harshini |Sep 23, 2020

GUESS WHO? This top actress's name is brought to front by a drug peddler, saying that she is also involved in the ongoing drug cartel. See what netizens comment and the revealed chats here!

With the NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau) investigating the drug case of Bollywood, drug peddler Anuj Keswani has recently named a top actress of the industry during his grill, as reported. This is a 40-year-old actress who has a lot of hits during the time of 2004-2005. Revealed by sources, the NCB is taking a look at more Bollywood names as the drug probe to widen day by day.

Who is K, the said actress in the revelation of the drug peddler?

Previously, they said the Narcotics Control Bureau has accessed proof linking the Bollywood top stars. It was also informed by sources that the agency is extending the probe of the KWAN ownership that is suspected to be co-owned by a celebrity of Bollywood.

The talent management agency which Karishma Prakash – Deepika Padukone’s manager, works under has also been summoned by Narcotics Control Bureau. The NCB is currently interrogating Dhruv Chitgopekar, CEO of KWAN, in regards to the drug nexus.

Regarding the 40-year-old actress named by drug peddler Anuj Keswani, the netizens have had something to say about this. They have made a number of guesses about who this actress is.

Screenshot 10 Screenshot 11

5 Bollywood A-Listers Allegedly In Drug Cartel

Meanwhile, in the midst of reports that Shraddha Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan being summoned the NCB in this case of drug cartel, more “drug chats” have been revealed by a big journal.

As per the report, the names of five A-listers of Bollywood have hit the surface in the newly-unveiled chats.

Though these top Bollywood personalities’ full names have not been revealed in the chats, a number of initials – N, D, J, K, S – have been mentioned and referred to those top celebs in the drug case.

Sara Rhea Rakul Shraddha
Sara, Rakul, and Shraddha have been called out in the drug case regarding Rhea Chakraborty

While “K” is reportedly linked to a famous family in the movie industry, “D” is a famous B-town actor who was spotted in the party video of Karan Johar. Moreover, “S” and “N” are top actresses while “J” is a pusher who will be summoned by the NCB.

Here are the chats accessed:

“N to J”: Get me some nice MD.

“J” to “S”: Sending across CBD oil.

“D” to “K”: Do you have ‘maal’?

Watch the report here:

As more and more surprising details are getting unfolded every day, the Bollywood drug case is becoming more and more complicated. Update the latest news on Bollywood News!

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