"Miss You Mister" Review: A Strong Emotional Film Ruined By Poor Screenplay

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Jun 28, 2019

Most of the couples travel a lot and stay away from each other to achieve their target goals and fulfill their dreams. "Miss You Mister" is one of the post-marriage long-distance love stories.

Nowadays, the young generation gives preference to long distance relationships, no matter if it's before the marriage or after the marriage. Lifestyle, career goals, work opportunities makes the couple's relationship more difficult and complicated. Most of the couples travel a lot and stay away from each other to achieve their target goals and fulfill their dreams.


Miss You Mister is one of the post-marriage long-distance love stories which revolves around a "Mister" in the film. The "Mister" means (Varun) character played by actor Siddharth Chandekar and his wife's (Kaveri) character played by the actress Mrinmayee Deshpande.

The film couple Kaveri and Varun both are trying to be successful in their own careers, no matter what the path is. In the first half, Varun accepts a one-and-half-year contract with a UK-based firm so as to make some big money and fulfill the dream they have been pursuing. The movie starts with loads of chemistry between Varun and Kaveri.

Varun leaves for London and then the real story line starts. Also, in these first few moments, Varun’s parents (Rajan Bhise - Savita Prabhune) are introduced quite effortlessly. Here the movie gets audience engagement and continues the excitement.

The struggle and adjustment in the new place, time and phase have portrayed effortlessly by the director. How their life goes through a lot of changes has been showcased well. While Varun tried to adjust in London's atmosphere and handles his own problems, where Kaveri lives with her family and around her people. Kaveri sometimes feels lonely and starts facing hurdles in decision-making.

The long-distance relationship slowly becomes difficult to survive. Eventually, there comes a point when the relationship is on the verge of falling apart. When the one and a half year of span get over and Varun returns to home, things became worst.So the Miss You Mister starts with an engaging story and a perfect mixture of emotions. The interval has little bit confusing twist. It could be powerful and unpredictable but the story line failed here. The twist leaves you confused until you figure out what exactly is happening in the story. At the interval, Miss You Mister reminds you of the Spanish film 10,000 kilometers (long distance) released in 2015. It has the same scenes but the director has done a few modifications smartly.

Miss You Mister

Nevertheless, the on-screen performances of each and every actor made the movie at least a one-time watch. The veteran actress Savita Prabhune's hard work while portraying the character is remarkable. The bearing she has got in her character as Varun’s mother is brilliant, each and every scene with her in it, is hilarious. All songs of the film are good but Tuzi Aathavan song takes all your heart out with its feeling and lyrics.

Lead actress Mrinmayee Deshpande and Siddharth Chandekar's onscreen chemistry looks beautiful on the screen. Even all other actors who had given their best in the film. Screenplay and the storyline are the biggest loopholes of the film. The director has introduced the main character in the climax, but it neither helps to lift the movie before the climax nor after the climax.

The second half's mistakes impacted on the first half. If the film held a better ending or a right pace, it would definitely make a better film. In the end, this movie is a one-time watch for long distance relationship couples and for others, it's just a story without a storyline.

Miss You Mister

Director: Sameer Hemant Joshi
Cast: Mrinmayee Deshpande, Siddharth Chandekar, Savita Prabhune, Rajan Bhise,...

STARBIZ rating: 2/5

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