Top 10 Scariest Netflix Films You Should Not Watch Alone!

Mishka Saisha |Oct 06, 2019

Don’t skip this post because we will bring to you a list of 10 creepiest Netflix films that you should watch. The range varies from gory slashers to tense psychological thrillers. So be aware, don’t watch it alone!

Looking for some horror movies for a relaxing night? Don’t skip this post as we will bring to you a list of 10 Netflix's creepiest films that you should try. The range varies from gory slashers to tense psychological thrillers. And be aware, don’t watch it alone!

The Ritual

The movie is based on Adam Nevill's novel. A group of old college buddies who takes a trip to Swedish to commemorate their lost pal. The story begins when they unexpectedly get lost in the woods when taking the shortcut through the forest.

Here they have to face a series of eerie occurrences with disturbing and dangerous affairs. Directed by David Bruckner, the film not only brings us creepy imagery and likeable characters but also a good storyline about friendship.


A deaf and mute author Maddie (Kate Siegel) moves into a house in the woods to finish her book. Unfortunately, a masked stranger finds her isolated home and tries to kill her.

The special of this film is using natural sounds to induce panic as the main character is disabled. And most viewers have said that they start listening to everything carefully after watching this film, especially when they’re home alone.

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Before I Wake

It seems a family movie with the beginning that a couple takes in a foster child Cody (Jacob Tremblay) after their own son passed away. But the story only starts when Cody’s dreams in the new family become reality, especially the dead son always keeps appearing in his dreams.

Once these dreams turn to nightmares, the film tone immediately changes to terrifying, together with the appearance of the dead son in front of the couple every night.

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Gerald’s Game

If you’re a fan of Stephen King’s novels and suspenseful horror films, don’t skip this. Briefly, a married couple Jessie-Gerald wants to rekindle their romance so they come to the lake house to engage some sex games.

But just right after Gerald handcuffs Jessie to bedposts, he has a heart attack. Jessie then must find ways to escape the circumstance while also facing off against a starving dog and a stranger who visits her at night. And remember don’t eat before seeing this film.

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The film doesn’t have any jump scare or anonymous character. We will travel back to 1992 when the farmer Wilfred James (Thomas Jane), together with a teenage son, kill his wife because he doesn’t want to move to the city as the wife’s wish.

The storyline is told through his inner monologues that create the scary to the scenes. The movie is for whom wants a slow-burn horror film with an unnerving main character only. And if you scare of the mouse, don’t watch it!

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The Perfection

The film is about a romance between two cellists Charlotte (Allison Williams) and Elizabeth (Logan Browning), especially once Elizabeth becomes ill and starts having strange symptoms after they confirm the relationship.

The Perfection has created controversy for #MeToo campaign as well as brings scary to audiences through the depiction of institutional abuse and the associated trauma. Due to the impressive acting of two lead actresses and graphic imagery, this movie is a must-watched film.


What if your social account is hacked and identically stolen? That’s what happens to Alice (Madeline Brewer) in CAM who then has to regain her identity and find the copycat hacker. CAM is a unique horror film which focuses on online scammers and that is the creepiest thing here.

The implications in the movie are more than you expect which can make you delete all social media accounts after watching.

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Bird Box

The adaption from Josh Malerman's novel might not new to someone since the film becomes so popular and was nominated for many awards. The movie has the background of a post-apocalyptic world with the appearance of invisible hunting creatures which kill anyone looking at them.

It’s a story about a mother who does the best to survive her children and herself from these things by restricting the use of eyes. But you might surprisingly close your blinds when watching it.

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Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil

Briefly, the movie highlights serial killer in the 1970s Ted Bundy (Zac Efron) and his weather to the police’s suspicions. Based on a true story, the thing making the movie an especially chilling is how charismatic the killer is.

We can see the serial killer’s confidence, charming side, which he used to manipulate the victims into the traps and killed them. Knowing the extent of his crimes are truly horrifying experience.

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Having the theme of a zombie apocalypse but Cargo is more than that. The main character is Andy (Martin Freeman), a father who has survived the walking dead, along with his baby Rosie, but having a zombie bite. The movie is about his effort to seeking the care of Rosie in surviving society before becoming the undead.

Audiences will not only be scared by zombies but also be questioned of humankind and the decline of society when the apocalypse happens. So you shouldn’t watch Cargo alone to avoid the feeling of existential loneliness.

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