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Leela Adwani |Nov 05, 2020

The film centers on the story of Manasa Samyuktha who hails from a middle-class family and how she chases her dream to a successful businesswoman. DOWNLOAD FREE now!

After several months, the hotly waited Telugu-language Miss India finally released on 4 November. Starring Keerthy Suresh, Rajendra Prasad in the lead roles, the film is directed by Narendra Nath and produced by Mahesh S Koneru under the production house, East Coast Productions. The film started streaming on Netflix and that means the “Miss India movie download” keyword has also been searched.

Keerthy Suresh 1
Keerthy Suresh plays the role in the film

The film centers on the story of Manasa Samyuktha (played by Keerthy Suresh) who hails from a middle-class family and how she chases her dream and becomes a successful businesswoman.

In fact, the film was scheduled to hit the screens on 17 April 2020 but its release date has been postponed because of the pandemic. Other than the original Telugu version, Miss India also has dubbed versions in two different languages Malayalam and Tamil.

  • Plot

Before knowing where to get Miss India movie download version, take a look at its plot first before watching its full version to get a glimpse of the film.

Miss India Movie Download 3
The original poster with the initially planned release date

In a nutshell, the film talks about the success story of Manasa Samyuktha. At a very tender age, her father (played by Naresh) already told her that good scores at school totally means nothing if she doesn’t have a goal in her life. Meanwhile, her mother (played by Nadhiya) wants her to become a well-educated woman as it will help her get married to a wealthy man who can bring her a comfortable life.

Watch Miss India movie download, you will know Manasa, however, is a headstrong young girl who is convinced that her fate is to do business. She always tries to let her family about this clear and loud. However, she doesn’t gain the support from her near and dear ones, they are even deeply horrified at the declaration in which girls need a good education to have a good groom.

Miss India Movie Download 2
Manasa Samyuktha helps bring the traditional recipes of her grandfather to the world

In fact, Manasa wants to bring her family tradition to fly higher and make her grandpa proud. That’s why she wants to make his special Ayurvedic chai recipes famous worldwide. As fate would have it, her brother, fortunately, lands a high-paid job in the US and he is the one who makes her dream come true.

However, we don’t want to spoil the content of the film too much as we want you to know what will happen at the end with the Miss India movie download version we are about to suggest below.

  • Review

The differences after watching a highly anticipated film are totally understandable. Everyone has their own opinions and perspective on the way a director delivers the message or the performance of the cast. Miss India is no exception.

The film is getting a mixed response from the audiences and critics. According to Neeshita Nyayapati from Times of India, the film successfully delivers the image of a strong woman who is relatable. However, the disappointing part of the film is the narrative is quite riddled with several redundant plot points. She gave Miss India an average rating of 2.5 stars (out of 5).

Miss India Movie Download 4
Successful image of the heroine in the film

Meanwhile, First Post said Keerthy Suresh-starrer movie is astoundingly bland. Rating 2 stars in the review, the reviewer wrote that the film is way too confused about it wants to serve or say.

According to Starbiz, about the message, Miss India has done a great job in building an independent woman who dares to break the stereotype about the Indian woman. However, this theme is not new in Indian cinema. However, independence is built not strong enough as she finally gets support from a man who is her brother.

Despite the differences in the reviews, we still recommend you watch the Miss India movie download version to have your own review as you are the best critic of yourself.

  • Where to download Miss India full movie?

Like many hotly-awaited movies, Narendra Nath-directorial film has been the target of illegal websites that constantly leak the copyrighted content including movies, tv shows, web series, and many more. That’s why as soon as the film hit Netflix, it has been made available for free download. Now, many people choose to get Miss India movie download version free on these piracy sites rather than invest a few bucks to only watch one film on the paid platform.

If you are in search of a quality version to download, then you come to the right place. Download the film Miss India with us right now.

We hope that the Miss India movie download will bring you a satisfying movie-watching experience. We guarantee that it’s worth a watch.

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