Kedarnath Movie Review: The Film Goes Up In Smoke Despite Sara Ali Khan's Satisfactory Acting

Kanchana Ngan |Dec 12, 2018

Kedarnath movie review: Such a humdrum, worn-out and easily forgettable film director Abhishek Kapoor made that it only deserved 2/5 points.

– Abhishek Kapoor 
 – Sara Ali Khan, Sushant Singh Rajput, Pooja Gor, Nitish Bhardwaj
 - 2/5

Kedarnath Movie Review

Kedarnath is considered a Indian disaster film

Kedarnath is a romantic drama film narrating an inter-faith love story between Mansoor Khan (Sushant Singh Rajput), a penniless porter in Kedarnath town and Mandakani Mishra (Sara Ali Khan), a wealthy young girl. Due to opposite social background, once falling deeply in love and deciding to be together, they have to face several obstacles. Like other topic-related movies, family disapproval and other people's opinions are among those difficulties, of course. An uncommon detail is the inclusion of a dreadful natural disaster, 2013 North India floods, which contributes to the film's climax when the couple are forced to put their love to the gruelling test.

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Kedarnath is one of thousands of movies about Hindu-Muslim parents' disapproval and attempt to separate lovers, as well as the couple's struggle and effort to overcome prejudice and stay together. So prevalent and familiar is the plot that movie watchers can predict most of events happening in the film and barely see any surprise. The majority comment that sketchy writing and slow pace cannot provoke even a little bit of emotion. The only possible twist belongs to the appearance of Nitish Bhardwaj, Lord Aquaguard Krishna himself, playing the role of a pandit patriarch.

Talking about the involvement of flood disaster in 2013, it could become an effective element if not being put in such a weeping melodrama. Almost everything is exaggerated to the point that it feels extremely fake and unnatural. Actually the visual aspect of the catastrophe scenes is praiseworthy with highly invested effects, which makes people believe in the adverse consequences it bring to residents' lives. However, some parts are overstated, so that reduces audience's impression. For instance, the setting of rain. The screen seems to be flooded for the last twenty minutes and the sound of downpour is incessant enough to haunt you even in dreams.

Kedarnath also features moments of poetry that seem accidental, which equals to its lack of reality and practicality. Those accidental parts owe its root to the frequent use of Sooraj Barjatya tropes, an indirect kiss through a sip from the same glass, unequal treatments towards the poor, prejudice and parents' extortion in order to tear the couple apart and many more. Take the role of Mansoor Khan as an example. A boy who is coward and does not dare speaking up for his own rights can bravely stand up in front of a council of elders for his lover, directly after one magical kiss only.

And about the lead actor,  Sushant Singh Rajput, who acts as Mansoor Khan in Kedarnath, his acting is too earnest in attempt to play the role. His bloopers and solid performance, especially in supposed-to-be romantic scenes, leave people in disappointment. He looks considerably stiff and overwhelmed, also it is not hard to see him struggling there. So boring is his acting that some find more interest in his outfit or specifically, the apparatus. Some funny questions are raised like, where on earth is a wicker chair to carry people still available?

Now we discuss one so-called spotlight of Kedarnath movie, Sara Ali Khan's debut acting. Generally, she has a fairly good on-screen presence, which receives numerous compliments and positive reviews. As a first-timer, she is considered a live wire, showing her boundless energy and absolute confidence. However, again, her character is exaggerated and stereotyped, just like the rest of the movie.  Mandakani Mishra has a feisty characteristic that has been the typical role of many actresses like Parineeti Chopra, Anushka Sharma and Khan’s own mother, Amrita Singh. As a result, her acting is nowhere to be compared with those experienced ones, particularly when she is obviously playacting. She is fine on silent or sad scenes, but inflexible when it comes to evocative strong emotions.

kedarnath - sara ali khan

In a nutshell, Kedarnath is an easily forgettable film, which indeed needs to think outside of the box. Its funny details, like the scene when Khan rides down the mountain on Rajput’s back, he calls her the heaviest load he’s lifted, then she smiles and tells him to get used to it, make people see it as a comedy rather than a romantic one. The only thing left to some audience may be Sara Ali Khan's performance, because anyway, it is her debut movie.


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