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Leela Adwani |Jun 02, 2020

Theatrically running for over 100 days, the film was said to be a commercial success. Check out to get ismart Shankar movie download link!

iSmart Shankar is a Telugu-language science fiction action drama of the year 2019. Helmed and also written by Puri Jagannadh, despite many mixed reactions towards the film, iSmart Shankar movie download is still one of the most search keywords on the Internet.

Ismart Shankar Movie Download
Releasing in the year 2019, iSmart Shankar is still one of the hottest movies til now

The film stars Ram Pothineni in the lead role along with Nabha Natesh, Nidhhi Agerwal, Puneet Issar, and Satyadev Kancharana. iSmart Shankar follows the story of a contract killer who comes in support for the police after a slain police officer’s memory is transferred to his mind.

Officially hitting about 1000 screens across the country on 18 July 2019, the demand for watching iSmart Shankar movies download is still ever-growing. Theatrically running for over 100 days, the film was said to be a commercial success. It’s not far off the mark to say it has created quite a buzz at the domestic box offices back then.

Ismart Shankar Movie Download 1
iSmart Shankar marks a big milestone in the acting career of Ram Pothineni

Before getting the iSmart Shankar movie download version, take a look at its plot summary. In a nutshell, the film revolves around a hero named Ismart Shankar who, all of a sudden, has the memory of another man transferred into his brain. Ismart is a contract killer who works for Kaka and under the orders of Mama, he killed a high-profile politician Kasi Viswanath.

The films start with Ismart escaping from jail and being chased by the cops. While extorting money, he encounters a fearless girl named Chandni. The man quickly falls for her and decides to escape to Goa with her. However, the police soon locate where he is and track him down. Unfortunately, his ladylove is killed and he swears to take revenge on the murderer.

Meanwhile, Sara is working on memory transfer and she is a neuroscientist. Her boyfriend is Arun whose task is to crack the murder case of Kasi Vishwanath. He believes that there is a higher force behind this plan. However, the unfortunate CBI officer is later killed by goons while cracking this complicated case.

With the help of his girlfriend, Sara, all memories of Arun is transferred into Shankar’s mind. After a short span of time, Shankar fully loses his own memories and becomes Arun. Whether he can bring back his memory and know who killed Chandini, watch the iSmart Shankar movie download to figure out yourself.

Ismart Shankar Movie Download 2
The film is made available for free watching on Youtube

Understanding your desire of watching ismart Shankar movie download in Hindi and ismart Shankar movie download Telugu versions, we bring you the links to download and watch the film at home.

Click to get iSmart Shankar Hindi movie download

Remember that leaking the films without permission from the makers is illegal in India. Downloading films from piracy websites might land you in some trouble. Think carefully and wisely before clicking the download button.

We still recommend our readers get iSmart Shankar movie download from legal sites to avoid any unwanted trouble in the future. You can watch full Hindi version of ismart Shankar movie here!

In fact, ismart shankar movie download filmywap version is also made available on this website. You can also access the site to find the film.

Ismart Shankar Movie Download 3
Despite mixed reviews, the film is still worth a watch

Speaking of critical reception, ismart shankar movie download telugu got mixed reviews from the critics. Firstpost gave the film 3 stars, Times of India, and Sify rated it 2.5 stars while Indianexpress gave only 1 out of 5 stars for iSmart Shankar.

In their review, Firstpost wrote that the film is like the solid proof for a strong comeback of Puri Jagannadh. It mightn’t his best film but hands down the most watchable film by the director of the year 2019.

However, Indianexpress had a bad review of the film. They stated that iSmart Shankar is stupid even though it contains the word “smart” right in its title. According to them, the film’s character is slow-witted and there isn’t any single spot in the whole film to justify why the makers try to attribute smart to their hero.

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Ismart Shankar Movie Download 4
Ram Pothineni was not the first choice for the male lead of the film

Especially, amidst lockdown, the title character Ram Pothineni set his new record on Youtube with his action drama iSmart Shankar. It’s not wrong to say the movie became the biggest blockbuster in the acting career of Ram. As of now, there is a phenomenal increase in the views count of ismart Shankar movie download in hindi on the digital platform. With more than 111 million views on Youtube, the Hindi dubbed version is currently streaming. The number of audiences watching the film is predicted to increase.

If you already have iSmart Shankar movie download version in your PC, there is one fact we bet you will also be interested in. The fact is that male lead Ram Pothineni wasn’t the first choice to play the lead role in the film.

Reports are rife that actor Puri Akash was initially roped in playing the role of Shankar instead of Ram Pothineni. However, due to some unknown reasons, Ram landed the part that the actor was really keen to play.

Hope you will have some quality time with iSmart Shankar movie download we have suggested. Enjoy your time.

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