Hustlers Full Movie Download: The Sexiest Hollywood Movie No One Can Get Enough Of

Salena Harshini |Dec 31, 2020

"Hustlers" has the most stunning cast ever with Jennifer Lopez, Lili Reinhart, Lizzo, Cardi B, Constance Wu and it is also among the most successful films in 2019. Watch the steamy flick now!

Hustlers (2019) is definitely among the steamiest movies ever produced. It is a big box-office hit for the piping hot scenes and for the social meanings that it holds. Starring the most stellar actresses of Hollywood, Hustlers full movie download has hardly ever died down in the searching bar. Watch Hustlers movie for free now!

Hustlers 3
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Hustlers movie plot

The script takes clues from real events in The Hustlers at Scores: The Ex-Strippers Who Stole from (Mostly) Rich Men and Gave to, Well, Themselves. The article was created by Jessica Pressler, published in New York magazine, 2015.

The adaptation is narrated from the perspective of Destiny (Constance Wu) - a young Asian girl living in America. She works as a dancer at a strip club to earn extra income to care for her grandmother. However, customers rarely notice her existence.

Hustlers Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers full movie download is a sight to behold

After being fascinated by the top performance of Ramona (Jennifer Lopez) - a longtime stripper, Destiny decided to get acquainted with Ramona. She asked her senior to teach her how to become more attractive. Ramona not only guides Destiny but also partners her to create duo performers that attract lots of customers.

Things went extremely well until the 2008 economic crisis broke out. After a period of time off work for childbirth, Destiny had to return to work as a dancer. She reunites with Ramona and is led by an old friend into a new plan: to bait customers, then use loopholes to steal money from their accounts.

Hustlers 1
The film talks about more than just dancers stripping in a club

Hustlers review

The first half of the work has a strong vibe of chick-flick movies with a progression that follows a normal motif. It is not too surprising or unpredictable.

The relationship between the characters, mainly Destiny and Ramona, had a decent depiction. Their journey is no less favorable and makes the atmosphere become bright and gentle. In Hustlers full movie download, it feels like the miniature world of strippers is always filled with pink.

After the economic crisis, the main content of Hustlers full movie download then got introduced: the stripper group's illegal money-making plan. Comprising more criminal elements, but unlike Ocean's Eight, Miss Congeniality or Legally Blonde, Hustlers describes everything more truthfully, more ordinarily, yet no less attractive.

The film will be something you can't get enough of

Hustlers own a neat script, with well-described scenes that do not feel like the characters are in a rush. The movie dialogue is not cliché but very relatable. The only setback is the stereotype in the first half of the film. It is said to have no new features compared to works of the same genre.

As a film depicting the life of strippers, Hustlers full movie download does not lack hot avatars from girls dressed in provocative outfits. The film also includes a series of erotic performances. However, the producers's intention is not to provoke or stimulate the audience. This is simply a natural, indispensable part in the context of the movie.

Where to download Hustlers full movie

The dancers in the film are not young ladies with beautiful faces, exaggeratedly perfect physique, but of all ages, faces, and physiques. They are not perfect which makes it easy to create empathy within the audience.

The cast includes the hottest faces in the town

With Hustlers movie download, you will be able to witness a cast with good acting ability. They have basically managed to pull off all the roles. Meanwhile, the spotlight is the two main characters, Destiny by Constance Wu and Ramona by Jennifer Lopez.

The role of Ramona takes inspiration from a real character. However, it seems to be tailor-made for JLo. This is probably the best performance in the multi-talented female artist's acting career. For the unknown, Jennifer Lopez booty insurance also costs millions of dollars.

Apart from the great performance of Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu is somewhat inferior. This may be due to the fact that her character is heavily passive and dependent. However, the Crazy Rich Asians actress still made a mark when she brought alive the image of the female dancer Destiny with many different levels of emotions, along with clear psychological changes.

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Hustlers sue controversy

Meanwhile, there were also some controversies regarding the movie. The real-life Ramona felt dissatisfied with the way Hustlers portrayed her. She claimed that the studio defamed her.

Samantha Barbash said the character Ramona has many similarities with her in real life. However, the filmmakers did not consult her before telling the story on screen, even defaming her honor.

Hustlers had enough practical details to identify Ramona as Barbash, said Barbash, but the film added fiction to undermine the character's image. Barbash demanded at least $40 million in damages, asked the court to ban film distribution and ordered the defendants to hand over all copies of the film.

Samantha Barbash Jennifer Lopez
Samantha Barbash wanted to sue the film for portraying her without permit

However, the producers have solved the problem and the movie becomes one of the most impressive films of 2019.

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