Jennifer Lopez Insurance Booty Is A Jaw-Dropper And She Is The Not The Only Hollywood Stars With The Most Extra Insurance Policy

Salena Harshini |Nov 27, 2020

Jennifer Lopez and her million-dollar worth bum are not the only bizarre insurance in the Hollywood entertainment world. See how JLo and others spend to have their special body parts insured!

Jennifer Lopez, as one of the most influential bigwigs in Hollywood, is a successful actress, singer, designer, dancer, and philanthropist. She is also a famous icon for her youthful and steamy figure although there are many other sexy starlets with a hot derrière out there. For the unknown, Jennifer Lopez insurance was a hot topic at the time as she decided to spend a big budget on protecting her bum.

Jennifer Lopez 3
Jennifer Lopez insurance sum will make you surprised

See how much was spent on Jennifer Lopez insurance as well as other facts about her. The most bizarre insurances of other Hollywood stars are also revealed below.

Jennifer Lopez hips insurance

Lopez spent a huge amount of 27 million dollars, or nearly Rs 2.7 crores to buy insurance for her bottom. The female singer will immediately receive a premium when her waist gets excess fat, scratches, or any other physical defects that can occur during her performances such as skin stretching, butt muscles tearing. She was once known as the owner of the most beautiful hips in the world.

Jennifer Lopez hips insurance is fathomable considering the fact that she looks this hot

Given the fact that she was the trendsetter for “thick is splendid” and how she is well-known for her enviable curves, it is quite understandable why she wants to spend some sum to protect her quintessential part.

Apart from Jennifer Lopez insurance, here are some fun facts about the actress that you may find intriguing.

Jennifer Lopez 2
She is also among the sexiest Latina actresses of Bollywood

Besides JLo, she also has La Guitarra as her nickname. The reason behind this is her body. As she is curved just like a guitar, it makes the nickname a perfect one for the superstar.

Born on 24 July 1969, the 51-year-old singer looks nothing like she is in her 50s. Her parents, David and Rodriguez Lopez, are both Puerto Ricans as well as her two sister Lynda and Leslie. However, she is not fluent in Spanish like English.

While Hollywood stars are known for their heavy dependency on drugs and alcohol, Jennifer Lopez is among those who do not smoke or drink.

Jennifer Lopez
She is able to keep an enviable body thanks to a healthy lifestyle

Her love life is not a smooth patch as JLo has been married thrice. She first got married to model Ojani Noa, and then Cris Judd, a backup dancer, and her thired marriage was with Marc Anthony. However, they divorced after 7 years together. She had been engaged to Ben Affleck but the actor then left her for Jennifer Garner.

Despite a lot of hardships in her love life, the mother-of-two is now engaged to Alex Rodriguez, a professional baseballer, businessman and philanthropist.

Jlo Alex
She is now in a relationship with a successful baseball player

Check out other celebrities and their quirky insurance policy like Jennifer Lopez insurance booty.

Kim Kardashian butt insurance

Perhaps this is not too difficult to understand as the famous super bum is shown by Kim magazines after magazines.

Like Jennifer Lopez insurance, Kim Kardashian also has her bum insured with a flabbergasting price

It would be a pity if something bad happens to Kim's money-making third round and she has paid Rs 2.1 crores for insurance.

Mariah Carey leg insurance

In 2006, Mariah Carey sent the whole world in shock after getting a whopping $1 billion or Rs 100 crores for her legs. The insurance company will be responsible for fully paying the female singer when there are any scratches or bruises on her legs.

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey knows the worth of her legs

Not to mention other serious injuries, Carey will also be fully guaranteed.

Taylor Swift leg insurance

Like Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez insurance, an impressive sum has also been insured for Taylor Swift’s long legs.

Taylor S
Taylor Swift with her long beautiful legs

With her Rs 4 crores worth insurance, all medical problems affecting the appearance and the inside of the legs such as bruises, skin damage, sprains, fractures or any other damage that causes scarring, Swift receives an insurance reimbursement. .

Rihanna leg insurance

Rihanna is often praised by her colleagues and fans for her Goddess legs. The female singer signed an insurance contract of $1 million for her best feature.

Rihanna Leg
Rihanna also spends $1 million on leg insurance

The strong choreography on stage can also affect the beauty's legs may be the reason why Rihanna thinks this expense is necessary.

Miley Cyrus tongue insurance

Popstar Miley Cyrus buys insurance for her tongue with a package of $1 million, or Rs 0.1 crores.

And the quirkiest insurance goes to...

With a special insurance package, even when her tongue burns from drinking hot coffee, Cyrus also receives "compensation".

Madonna breast insurance

Pop Queen Madonna is very proud of her "fiery" charm. The iconic singer’s insurance package for her breasts is up to $2 million.

Madonna has her bosoms under insurance

Issues affecting the breast skin and breast shape are covered, even complications after plastic surgery will be covered by the insurance company.

David Beckham body insurance

According to Time magazine, in 2006, football star David Beckham spent about Rs 19.5 crores to buy full body insurance package.

David Be
And David Beckham has insurance for his entire body

This is considered to be the most widely paid insurance bill in sports world history. Any part of Beckham's body that gets injured (due to training, soccer, matches…) gets 100% insurance.

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