HIT Movie Download In HD - Intensely Engaging Thriller Of A Directing Newcomer

Salena Harshini |Apr 11, 2020

"HIT: The First Case" receives an 8/10 rating o IMDb and is considered an unmissable and worth-watching thriller.

HIT: The First Case is the newbie Sailesh Kolanu directorial released in February 2020. The movie, starring Vishwak Sen and Ruhani Sharma as main characters, became a profitable quest at the revenues. HIT has received many thumbs up from critics and film lovers, which makes it an unmissable film to those who have not watched. Hence, HIT movie download has become extremely provocative.

Hit movie download
HIT: The First Case is a powerful thriller film of 2020

Produced by Nani, an acclaimed Indian actor, television and media personality of Telugu industry, the movie was undoubtedly anticipated. This is the second production of Nani, also marking the collaboration of Nani with another directing debutant.

HIT traces the story of the 30-year-old police Vikram (Vishwak Sen) who has a traumatic past. One day, a girl called Preeti is kidnapped and the aggressive cop is involved in this case, which becomes even more messed up as Vikram’s girlfriend, Ruhani Sharma’s Neha, is also kidnapped in the exact same fashion.

The rest of the movie narrates how he solves the crazy case and sorts out the myth behind what happened to the two.

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The main character Vikram is hung up on the missing of his girfriend

Starbiz has an exclusive HIT movie review, saying:

"The attraction of this suspense thriller is one of the many interesting investigative scenes. Vishwak Sen shows his good performance in his role. However, the film lacks some needed twists as other thrillers. After all, the movie is passable thrills and brings the audience thrilling moments."

Take a look at our full Hit movie review here.

The measured Vikram depiction of Vishwak Sen is the soul of HIT: The First Case. Vikram is a hundred percent in his element and never shows his feelings immediately. And that is actually what you expect from a cop. We can't picture some other Tollywood actors to ace better in this pivotal role.

Ruhani Sharma had a cracker debut with her role in Chi La Sow. For HIT, the actress does not have much screen time but she has managed to make the most of it. Brahmaji, Murali Sharma and Bhanuchander also acted well and nailed it as supporting actors.

HIT movie download is among the few movies that can keep the audience guessing until the very end.

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HIT movie download promises thrilling moments

The film is the perfect embodiment of when the trustworthy technicians and cast meet the best script. Right from the beginning, HIT manages to catch your attention and does not waste time on establishing characters.

Also, the strain in finding the Preethi’s whereabouts makes the viewers similarly inquisitive about the case.

The Sailesh Kolanu directorial functions admirably with the audience significantly in view of its consideration regarding subtleties and its creativity.

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Hit movie download
The movie is a harmonious combination of good directing, effects and acting

For a film movie that does not have many adrenaline-siphoning minutes or jump scares, Kolanu still figures out how to make HIT a vivid encounter. Kolanu has had a stellar debut with this suspense thriller and it is undeniable that he is a promising talent to toe the line.

The film is an appealing "Whodunnit" murder secret with an all-around and looked-after anticipation. The lead star Vishwak's outstanding presentation, the filmmaker’s depiction of bona fide analytical techniques are the qualities of the film. On the flip side, the absence of commercial components might be deemed as counterproductive. Generally speaking, HIT is a better than average watch for this movie genre lovers.

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